Special Session SS7  5 April 2018

Equity and diversity in astronomy

Aims and scope

The Equity and Diversity session will discuss equity and diversity topics in astronomy, in addition to the lunch time plenary session. The session will address a variety of equity and diversity themes, which affect students and staff alike, including (but not limited to) gender, disability, neuro-diversity, race, religion, socio-economic background, age and sexual orientation and the intersections between them.

The session talks will cover a variety of issues, and discuss the statistics of minority representation, the initiatives in place to improve conditions, and how bullying and harassment within universities can be combatted both on a national and international/European scale. The session will host speakers from outside of astronomy and academia, including experts in unconscious (or implicit) bias training and mental health awareness. The session will also present the results from the EAS and RAS demographics surveys for the first time, and discuss the results. We aim to make equity and diversity a regular discussion and will adhere to the EAS code throughout the session planning and execution. This parallel and lunch session is a place to discuss positive and negative experiences for the community, where everyone is very welcome.

The main goals of this session are: 1. Stimulate an atmosphere of openness and welcoming for the entire astronomical community. 2. Highlight areas of inequity and lack of diversity. 3. Promote positive resolutions to issues of diversity and equity. Particularly encouraging unconscious (or implicit) bias training, imposter syndrome workshops and Mental Health awareness. 4. Highlight best practices for universities, research institutions and other employers for dealing with bullying and harassment, in order to create the best departments where people can do their best research. 5. Discuss European equity initiatives and how they have contributed to the improvement of working conditions.

Abstracts are encouraged from academics and students, and experts outside of astronomy. We are happy to receive abstracts, particularly focusing on disability in astronomy and unconscious bias, but we are also aware that participants may not wish to present talks. We also welcome peoples ideas, experiences, comments or questions. Please send them to the email address below.


Invited speakers

Scientific organisers
Helen Jermak (Liverpool JM University, UK) (Chair - parallel) Sara Lucatello (Observatory of Padova, Italy) (Chair - plenary) Sheila Kanani (Royal Astronomical Society, UK) Marios Karouzos (Nature Astronomy, UK) Johan Knapen (IAC, Spain, EAS Council.) Violeta Gonzalez-Perez (Portsmouth University, UK) Isabel Marquez (Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Spain.) Emmanouil Angelakis (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Germany.) Paul Woods (Nature Astronomy, UK.)

For enquiries please email Helen Jermak at h.e.jermak @ ljmu.ac.uk

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