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The ideal European Astronomical Society
Farewell message from the EAS President

The ideal European Astronomical Society that I think astronomers in Europe and in the world need is the home of all professional astronomers on the continent, from the Azores to Kamtchatka. It is strongly present in the circles that shape science in Brussels and has a solid foot in Moscow, it provides an efficient link between the communities on the eastern and western parts of the continent. Read more

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EWASS 2017, 26-30 June, Prague
More than 1100 astronomers will convene later this month

With currently 1116 registered participants, the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2017 promises to become a lively and fruitful meeting in Prague, a historical center for European astronomy. Through the EWASS 2017 website the rich scientific programme based on 16 Symposia and 21 Special Sessions can be consulted, also interactively. Over 300 invited talks and about 400 contributed talks constitute the oral programme of the meeting, and over 400 posters will be displayed at the venue. Several plenary talks are scheduled, including those of the Tycho Brahe Prize and the Woltjer Lecture awardees, as well as the three MERAC prize winners (see below). Read more

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EWASS 2018, 3-6 April, Liverpool
Proposals for Symposia and Special Sessions due 14 July 2017

The preparations have started for the EWASS 2018 meeting, hosted by Chris Collins (SOC chair) and Matt Darnley (chair EWASS hosting committee), in collaboration with the Royal Astronomical Society. The ACC in Liverpool is a world-class conference center, located on the banks of the river Mersey, and in short walking distance of the city center. The SOC is inviting proposals for Symposia and Special Sessions, deadline 14 July 2017. Note that this year the EWASS 2018 meeting takes place in the week following Easter, rather than during the last week of June, as Vienna is hosting the IAU General Assembly from 20 to 31 August.

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Tycho Brahe Prize 2017 to Bernard Delabre
Tycho Brahe Prize to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Prague

The 2017 Tycho Brahe Prize is awarded to Mr Bernard Delabre in recognition of his leading role in the optical design of astronomical telescopes, cameras and spectrographs over the past 40 years. Read more

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Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture 2017 to Bengt Gustafsson
Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Prague

The 2017 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture is awarded to Prof. Bengt Gustafsson for his rich scientific career on the theory of stellar atmospheres, the interpretation of stellar spectra, and the chemical evolution of galaxies. Read more

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MERAC Prizes 2017 to Selma de Mink, Kevin Schawinski and Emmanuel Hugot
MERAC Prizes to be awarded at the EWASS meeting in Prague

At the EWASS 2017 meeting in Prague, the 2017 MERAC Prizes for the Best Early Career Researchers will be awarded. The winner in the category Theoretical Astrophysics is Prof. Selma E. de Mink for her major contributions to our understanding of the role of binarity as one of the dominant physical parameters for massive stars. The winner in the category Observational Astrophysics is Prof. Kevin Schawinski for groundbreaking work on the galaxy - black hole connection and innovative use of citizen science in astrophysics. Finally, the laureate in the category New Technologies is Dr Emmanuel Hugot for his unique and pioneering work on innovative astronomical instrumentation, based on active systems, freeform optics and curved focal planes. Read more

Contributed News
Royal Society Publishing photography competition
One of the five categories devoted to astronomy

Following up on the success of last year, a new edition of the Royal Society Publishing photography competition is organised. The competition is run in collaboration with the journals and celebrates the power of photography to communicate science and the role images play in making science accessible to a wide audience. This competition is split into 5 categories, including astronomy, and is free to enter. Read more

Contributed News
IUPAP Young Scientist Medals in the field of Astrophysics
Call for nominations due 15 June 2017

The IUPAP Young Scientist Medals of 2016 and 2017 and Awards of 1,000 EUR will be awarded for two scientists working in the field of astrophysics. The winners will be invited to give a presentation of scientific achievements at the 28th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (3-8 December 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa). Read more

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Reminder: EAS membership fees 2017
Please pay due fees

The EAS is a society of professional astronomers. Through your membership you strengthen the voice of European astronomy, support the various EAS activities and enjoy many benefits. We thank our members who paid already the 2017 fees, which are essential for the running of the society. If you have not paid them yet, please do so now. Many thanks!

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The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is a society of professional astronomers founded in 1990 and aiming at promoting and advancing astronomy in Europe.

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Lex Kaper, The Netherlands
Georges Meylan, Switzerland
Coralie Neiner, France
Olga Sil'chenko, Russia