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Individual Members

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The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is a society of professional astronomers.

By becoming a member, you will strengthen the voice of European astronomy, support the various EAS activities and enjoy many benefits.

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The Individual Membership of the Society consists of Ordinary Members, Junior Members and Honorary Members. There EAS has also Organisational Members.

Ordinary Members
Persons who have shown by their contribution to science, by their professional activity or otherwise, to the Council's satisfaction, that they can further the cause and object of the Society, may become Ordinary members of the Society.
Persons applying for ordinary membership normally do so on the standard application form signed by two members.
Members of Affiliated Societies and IAU members are exempted from this signature formality.
Junior Members
Students for an advanced degree in astronomy or related science may become Junior members.
Students applying for Junior membership normally do so on the standard application form signed by the supervisor and one (other) Ordinary member. At the beginning of the year following the award of the Ph.D. degree, the junior membership shall cease and the junior member may request to become an Ordinary member. No person may be a junior member for more than seven years unless Council decides otherwise because of exceptional circumstances. Junior members are entitled to a reduced annual contribution (to be set by the council). They have the same right and privileges as Ordinary members.
Students applying for a junior membership are subject to the signature formality even if they are members of an affiliated society or IAU members.
Honorary Members
Honorary Members are elected by the Council.

To become a member of EAS, please fill in the application form.


Benefits of Individual Membership of EAS

In particular, EAS individual members receive:

EAS individual members can post:

EAS individual members are granted:


Membership Fees

Please note that EAS membership is effective only upon annual payment of the fees. The amount of the fees depends on the membership class and the country of residence according to the list below.

Life membership
Unique amount for all countries
€ 700
Normal annual fees
For all countries not benefitting from reduced fees (see below)
Ordinary member
€ 40
Junior or senior (retired) member
€ 20
Reduced annual fees A
Only for residents of the following countries:
Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia
Ordinary member
€ 25
Junior or senior (retired) member
€ 20
Reduced annual fees B
Only for residents of the following countries:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine
All members
€ 10
Reduced annual fees C
Only for residents of the following countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
All members
€ 6


On-line fee payment

To check your payment status and proceed with the EAS fee payment on a secured website, please log in.

In case of doubts whether or not to pay via your affiliated society or for any other question related to the payment of membership fees, please contact the EAS office.

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