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The submission deadline for the June 2016 issue is 30 April 2016

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Issue 48, December 2015

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The EAS Newsletter is a biannual publication of the European Astronomical Society published since 1990.

It is distributed free of charge to the EAS members as well as to the EAS Affiliated Societies. All EAS members are encouraged to submit ideas and potential contributions to the Editor.

Current Editor: Prof. Maarten Baes, Ghent University, Belgium.

From 1990, when the EAS was founded, until 1997, the Editor of the EAS Newsletter was Thierry Courvoisier of Geneva Observatory (Switzerland). He was followed by Mary Kontizas (Univ. of Athens, Greece) until 2004 and then by Vassilis Charmandaris (Univ. of Crete, Greece) from 2005 to 2015. Maarten Baes (Ghent University, Belgium) took over in 2016.

Please contact the EAS Newsletter Editor for contributions to upcoming issues.