Special Session SS39  27 June 2019

IAU 100 Years Celebrations: Under One Sky

Aims and scope

To commemorate its 100th anniversary in 2019, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is preparing a year-long programme of global and grassroots activities under the theme Under One Sky. These events are celebrating the excitement of the past century of astronomical discoveries and will highlight the important role of astronomy for education, development, inclusion and diplomacy.

With implementation in over 100 countries, including at least 28 European countries, IAU100 is a fantastic opportunity for astronomers, science communicators and educators around the world to reach out to the general public, policy-makers, teachers, students and fellow astronomers and inspire them about the wonders of the universe. See www.iau-100.org for more information.

We envisage this session to achieve the following goals:

  • Showcase global and national activities organised during the celebration,
  • Highlight innovative astronomy public engagement and educational projects,
  • Discuss how equity and diversity actions have been considered during the celebration,
  • Discuss best practices and lessons learnt.


Invited speakers

Scientific organisers

  • Piero Benvenuti - Italian Space Agency
  • Lina Canas - IAU Office of Astronomy Outreach
  • Sze-leung Cheung - IAU Office of Astronomy Outreach
  • Rosaria D'Antonio - IAU
  • Wanda Diaz Merced - IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
  • Ewine van Dishoeck - Leiden University / IAU
  • Bethany Downer - Leiden University
  • Debra Elmegreen - Vassar College / IAU
  • Kevin Govender - IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
  • Teresa Lago - IAU
  • Lars Lindberg Christensen - ESO
  • Stephen Pompea - National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • Jorge Rivero Gonzalez - Leiden University
  • Pedro Russo - Leiden University
  • Ian Robson - IAU
  • Silvia Torres-Peimbert - UNAM
  • Robert Williams - Space Telescope Science Institute


Jorge Rivero Gonzalez (rivero @ strw.leidenuniv.nl)

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