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New EAS membership scheme on track
EAS membership already increased to over 2400 members

The EAS is transitioning toward its new membership scheme in which opting-in members of EAS Affiliated Societies receive free membership if they qualify for the EAS membership requirements. Most Affiliated Societies have provided their lists. The EAS membership has now increased from about 900 members to over 2400 members, and a further increase is expected, based on the membership of the remaining Affiliated Societies. Read more

The new database is now live, and all EAS members (Individual or Affiliated) can request their new user name and password by providing their e-mail address in the box below "I forgot my username and password" at https://eas.unige.ch/login.jsp. Please note the previous login details are no longer valid. You can then check the details available in our database.

We realise that many EAS members in 2018 have not opted in for free membership via their affiliated society. This may be due to several reasons. If you aimed to transfer but forgot or did not understand that you had to actively opt-in, please contact your Affiliated Society and request to opt-in, and encourage them to provide us a new list soon. Indeed, the EAS Office will only make changes based on lists provided by the Affiliated Societies. Similarly, any change (i.e., address, institution, email, etc.) should be modified via the provided list. EAS will not make any changes to its database for members of Affiliated Societies.

We will contact the remaining paying individual members later to pay the 2019 membership. EAS Life Members that are now members via an Affiliated Society will be contacted individually and will be offered a refund on the fees that have already been paid, in inverse proportion to the number of years that they have been a member.

Finally, please feel free to contact eas-web @ unige.ch if you have any issue when logging on the EAS website. While the EAS Office has endeavoured to make the transition as smoothly as possible, there can still remain some issues that can and should be corrected swiftly.