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1. NEON Summer Schools 2008

2. International time at the Canarian Observatories

3. New-style Job pages on the EAS Web 


1. NEON Summer Schools 2008

Continuing its activities of the previous years, the NEON consortium
is organising 3 summer schools in 2008.  All details can be found on
the Neon Web page at:


Two of the schools are general observing schools:

	- The Seventh NEON Observing School,
	  La Palma Observatories, Canary Islands, Spain, 
	  23 June to 5 July 2008

	- The Third NEON Archive Observing School,
	  ESO, Garching, Germany, 
	  27 August to 6 September 2008.

The purpose of the NEON summer schools is to provide the opportunity
for young researchers (mainly PhD students) to gain practical
experience in observational techniques, data reduction and analysis
and the use of virtual observatory tools. Students will carry out
small research projects, centered on selected astrophysical topics, in
small groups under the supervision of experienced astronomers.  Data
will either be obtained at the telescope (La Palma school) or
retrieved from archives (ESO school).  The practical exercises will be
complemented by lectures on general observational techniques and
archival research for both ground and space based astronomy.

An application form can be found at: 


Application deadline for both schools: March 31, 2008

The third one is specifically focused on the use of Integral Field
Unit spectrographs:

	- The NEON 3D Spectra School
	  First Practical Workshop on IFU Observations and Data Reduction
	  Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, Germany, 
	  19-24 May 2008

The aim of this NEON workshop is to provide the opportunity for
potential users to obtain practical experience in IFU observational
needs, data reduction and analysis. Various types of IFU data sets
will be presented (e.g., fibre instruments, lens arrays, slicers) and
participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups on data
from instruments of their choice, under the direction of experienced
tutors.  This workshop is not only open to young researchers but also
to more senior astronomers wishing to get insight into this new

The registration form can be found at: 


Application deadline: Feb 24, 2008

Michel Dennefeld (Coordinator of the NEON schools)


2. International time at the Canarian Observatories

The deadline for applications for the 5% International Time at the
telescopes of the Canarian Observatories 
(Night time 2008) is fixed at February 28th, 2008

All details can be found at:


Michel Dennefeld (President of the CCI)


3. New-style Jobs pages on the EAS Web 

The EAS web has a new home and has undergone a face-lift.  The EAS
Home page can be found at:


Among the many items listed is the Career Centre which not only lists
jobs but also offers the option to submit job announcements.  These
announcements get posted after a quick check by the EAS Secretariat
and usually appear the day after they were submitted.

We encourage all members to post job announcements on the EAS Jobs


As always, the EAS is grateful for any items brought to its attention
which might be of use to its membership and suitable for distribution
via this medium. Any such items can be sent to the undersigned.

Elias Brinks
Secretary, EAS
E.Brinks @ herts.ac.uk

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