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1. JENAM 2008 in Vienna is upon us

2. Presentations of Leiden Meeting available

3. 400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes - A review of History, Science and Technology

4. ESOA 2010 to be held in Turin

5. European VO Workshop on multi-wavelength astronomy

6. Conference announcement: "When the universe Formed Stars"


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Elias Brinks

1. JENAM 2008 in Vienna is upon us

The JENAM 2008 will take place in Vienna, Austria from 8th until 12th September.
EAS Council looks forward to seeing all of you at what promises to become an 
exciting meeting. For a programme and full details, please consult the link at:



2. Presentations of Leiden Meeting available

As members will have read in the EAS Newsletter, EAS Council has held a very 
stimulating meeting with representatives of all Affiliated Societies. A summary
of that meeting and an electronic copy of all presentations is available from
the EAS Web pages:



3. 400 Years of Astronomical Telescopes - A review of History, Science and Technology

29 September - 2 October 2008, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

On 25 September 1608, Hans Lipperhey, from the Dutch town of Middelburg,
submitted a patent application for "spy glasses". This optical system became
the basis for optical astronomical telescopes and is the basis for this meeting,
celebrating 400 years of astronomical telescopes. Programming at this meeting
will cover the history of telescope making and usage, key technologies, and
political as well as sociological aspects.

During the 3.5 day program, Invited speakers, all of whom either work in the
field or have helped shape the field, will give review talks and participants
are invited to present a poster paper. The program will focus on the following

* History of Optical Telescopes
* History of Non-Optical telescopes
* Miscellaneous Aspects and Projects
* Fundamental Telescope Technologies
* Political and Sociological Aspects
* Perspectives for Future Telescopes

More information about the program and registration for the conference 
'400 years of Astronomical Telescopes' can be found on the conference


or by e-mail to 400years @ strw.leidenuniv.nl


4. ESOA 2010 to be held in Turin

The 2010 edition of ESOF, (Euroscience Open Forum) promoted on a biannual basis
by Euroscience (see www.euroscience.org) will be held in Torino in July 2010 
(www.esof2010.org), while the 2008 edition is
presently on its way to open in Barcelona on the 18th of July (see www.esof2008.org). 

Euroscience is a grass-roots organisation open to research professionals,
science administrators, policy-makers, teachers, PhD students, post-docs,
engineers, industrialists, and in general to any citizen interested in science
and technology and its links with society. It represents European scientists of
all disciplines (including social sciences and the humanities), in the public
sector, universities, research institutes as well as business and industry and
gathers together more than 2000 members of 40 European countries.

ESOF is the top European manifestation of pan-scientific dissemination
conferences, exhibitions and interdisciplinary outreach and scientific events
with special attention to the career of the young researchers. It is addressed
to scientists, teachers, politicians, researchers, journalists and in general
to the general public.

The first edition of ESOF took place in Stockholm in 2004 (www.esof2008.org), 
with several thousand participants, some tens of thousand visitors and more 
han 350 journalists of 60 different countries around the world. The second
edition was held in Munich in 2006 (www.esof2006.org) with a similar public
participation and over 500 journalists.

TopESOF (Torino per ESOF2010), is the association which has been created by 
AgorÓ Scienza (in the name of the Universities of Piedmont), 
Compagnia di San Paolo and CentroScienza Onlus, specifically to organize 
ESOF2010 and it is my great pleasure to invite you on its behalf to participate
to ESOF2010, which will take place from the 2nd to the 7th July, 2010.

Accordingly, I very much look forward to the involvement of your Institution in 
ESOF2010. More specifically, I urge you to diffuse information about?ESOF2010 
among the members/researchers of your Institution in order to be ready to
answer the call for proposals which our Programme Committee chaired by 
Helga Nowotny (Carl Sundberg Vice-chair and Aldo Fasolo Secretary) which will
start operating this coming September will soon launch. 
Each individual member is welcome to fill up the questionnaire which will
soon be online at www.esof2010.org.

Please, provide suggestions for
(1)?keynote speakers at the highest level you would like to see invited, 
(2) themes/topics which you deem would be appropriate for ESOF2010 in Torino and
(3) suggest the organisation of satellite events to associate to ESOF2010.

It would be highly appreciated if you could let us have the name/address of a 
delegate of yours for further contacts.

Comments and suggestions should kindly reach us at info @ esof2010.org by 
September the 1st 2008 even if on a preliminary basis.

Thanking you very much in advance on behalf of ESOF2010, I remain

  Sincerely Yours
  Enrico Predazzi
  Chairman TopESOF


5. European VO Workshop on multi-wavelength astronomy

Multi-wavelength Astronomy and the Virtual Observatory
1 - 3 December, 2008
European Space Astronomy Centre of the European Space Agency
Villafranca del Castillo, Spain

The EURO-VO project, in the framework of the EURO-VO Astronomical Infrastructure 
or Data Access (AIDA), is organising an international workshop at
ESAC, Villafranca del Castillo, Spain. 

As new and older ground-based and space facilities will continue providing
multi-wavelength data in a variety of formats and multi-chip instruments and
large Surveys are expected to increase the data inflow by orders of magnitude,
the VO is becoming indispensable for accessing and handling the exponentially
increasing data volume. The goals of the workshop are to pinpoint the challenges
multi-wavelength astronomy will be facing in the coming years and to identify
how the unique capabilities intrinsic to the VO concept, such as simultaneous
access to different archives, metadata describing the content and quality of
the data packages or tools to e.g. cross-correlate the various datasets, can
meet them. 

To achieve these goals, the workshop will bring together experts in multi-wavelength
galactic and extragalactic astronomy and scientists and engineers actively
involved in the international VO initiative.

Among others the following topics will be addressed:
* Multi-wavelength science/surveys: present and future status, needs, tools, facilities
* Data quality in the VO (Metadata)
* Building Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) in the VO
* Filters in the VO
* VO standards for the access of multi-wavelength data
* Photometry data model (IVOA data model "to come")
* Smart queries the VO (based on S/N, redshift, etc)
* Cross-correlation in the VO

In order to ensure an intense debate and a high level of interaction, a
substantial fraction of the Workshop will be dedicated to round-table 
discussions focused on each of the above topics. The participants are strongly 
encouraged to send their questions, comments or suggestions on their expectations
on the VO and the impact they would want to see on their science prior to the workshop.

A short number of invited and contributed presentations will help provide the 
Workshop participants with the current scientific and technological VO context. 

Deadline for registration is October 24 2008. 

For more details, visit the workshop's web page: 


6. Conference announcement: "When the Universe formed Stars"

The following conference is planned :

                    "When the Universe formed Stars"
    Understanding the Most Active Period of Star Formation in the History
            of the Universe Down to its Fall

         La Martinique Island, France --- 17-21 November 2008

For more information, please visit:


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