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1. The EAS Web is there for you!
2. European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (JENAM2010)

3. Ray Wilson is awarded the 2010 Tycho Brahe Prize

4. Report of the European Telescopes Strategic Review Committee (ETSRC) on the future rationalisation of Europe's 2-4m telescopes

5. New rules concerning OPTICON supported telescope access

6. ARENA Roadmap on astronomy in Antarctica published


1. The EAS Web is there for you!

The EAS Web contains a wealth of information. It is updated regularly, probably 
more frequently than the EAS e-News is sent around. So it is worth clicking on:


especially to check Job offers, announcements of PhD positions, announcements
for Summer Schools, and to consult or update the Members pages.


2. European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (JENAM2010)

We are pleased to issue the call for contributions to JENAM 2010 - The 
European Week of Astronomy and Space Science. We believe that an exciting event,
spanning front line topics in Astronomy and Space Sciences and technologies, will
be taking place in Lisbon (Portugal) in the week of 6-10 September.

JENAM 2010 will host seven Symposia:
* From Varying Couplings to Fundamental Physics
* Environment and the Formation of Galaxies: 30 years later
* Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution
* From Macro to Micro Stellar Transits
* Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys
* Science Cases for Optical and IR Interferometry
* The Square Kilometer Array: Paving the way for the new 21st century radio astronomy paradigm

Special Sessions, amongst which:
* Astronomy Challenges for Engineers & Computer Scientists
* Radio Astronomy in Iberia
* ESO - ALMA Early Science: opportunities and tutorials
* ESA - Elements of the science programme
* Astronomy Planning in Europe - Towards an Even Stronger European
* New Trends in Global Astronomy Education
* Education and Outreach after IYA2009 in Europe
* Amateur and professional astronomers in Europe: how pro-am cooperation is changing astronomy
* The 30 years of IRAM

Plus a number of Plenary, invited and highlight talks, exhibitions and more...

Abstract submission and grant request forms can now be accessed at the JENAM 2010
website http://www.jenam2010.org/

The site has also been updated with relevant information such as the programme calendar,
registration fees and important dates.

The conference Poster should arrive at your institute in a couple of weeks. If not,
email us at loc @ sim.ul.pt and we'll be happy to send you one. A PDF version for
download is available at the JENAM 2010 website.

Please circulate this announcement among whoever may be interested. We look 
forward to seeing you in Lisbon.

On behalf of the SOC and LOC,
Andre Moitinho


3. Ray Wilson is awarded the 2010 Tycho Brahe Prize

The European Astronomical Society is pleased to announce that this year?s winner
of its Tycho Brahe Prize is the British optical engineer Dr. Raymond Wilson. The
Tycho Brahe Prize is awarded annually in recognition of the development or exploitation
of European instruments, or major discoveries based largely on such instruments.
The Tycho Brahe Prize carries a monetary reward of 6000.- € and is sponsored by
the Klaus-Tschira foundation (http://www.klaus-tschira-stiftung.de/english/index.html)
which is based in Heidelberg, Germany. The Tycho Brahe Prize will be awarded to
Dr. Wilson during the ?European Week of Astronomy and Space Science? (JENAM2010)
that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from September 6-10, 2010.

The full Press Release can be found on the EAS Web at: http://eas.unige.ch/tycho_brahe_prize.jsp


4. Report of the European Telescopes Strategic Review Committee (ETSRC) on the
   future rationalisation of Europe's 2-4m telescopes

This draft report, commissioned by Astronet, can now be obtained via the Astronet
website (http://www.astronet-eu.org/)
Its recommendations concern both optimised instrumentation for the suite of 
telescopes over the next decade (including potential new builds), and the way in
which they could be operated for the wider benefit of the European astronomical

The panel would like to thank those members of the community that provided input
to it, mainly via the web forum. This was very important in shaping the panel's

There is now an opportunity to comment on the report, via the ETSRC web forum 
The deadline for comments is May 1 2010, after which the report will be finalised.

The draft report has been presented to the funding agencies who have indicated an
interest in making use of the report in taking forward plans for these facilities

Janet Drew and Jacqueline Bergeron
Chair and co-Chair of the ETSRC


5. New rules concerning OPTICON supported telescope access

OPTICON, a European commission project supported under the 7th framework programme,
operates a trans-national access programme providing access to a suite of European
medium sized night time telescopes.

Potential users are invited to apply via a special OPTICON TAC. This committee will
allocate EC supported time across the OPTICON night-time telescope network. Participating
telescopes will offer a number of nights to the OPTICON pool. These facilities, 
and the maximum number of nights likely to be available at each, will be publicised 
in the call for proposals. Applications for observing     will be made via a web-based 
proposal tool based on the NORTHSTAR system. Proposals will be ranked by scientific 
merit and the ranked list will be allocated based on scientific merit and operational 
constraints (including the available budget). As in the past, proposers supported 
under the scheme will be granted funds to travel to the telescopes to take up their 
observing time. The normal rules regarding nationality of the proposal teams will 
still apply. These rules can be found via the OPTICON pages.

Note that some of these facilities in the programme have policies which allow 
non-national users to apply via their normal TACs or to special wider international 
calls. You are of course welcome to use     these opportunities if you wish. However 
please note that proposals via such TACs will be treated according to the appropriate 
national rules but will not qualify for OPTICON support.

More information available at


to see the item on Trans-National Access.


6. ARENA Roadmap on astronomy in Antarctica published

The ARENA Roadmap "A Vision for European Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Antarctic station Concordia, Dome C" 
has now been published and can be downloaded from:



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