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1. EAS Subscription reminder
2. European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (JENAM2010)

3. Science with the HTRS on the International X-ray Observatory


1. EAS Subscription reminder

The EAS Secretariat would like to kindly remind those of you who haven't paid
their subscription fees yet, to do so at their earliest convenience.

If you have lost or mislaid the invoice, or if an invoice has failed to reach 
you, please feel free to contact the Secretariat at: eas @ unige.ch

and they will be more than happy to help you.


2. European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (JENAM2010)

This is to remind you that the deadline for Abstract submissions for JENAM 2010 
is Wednesday 30th June 2010; the closing date for Early Registration is 
Wednesday 7th July 2010.

The registration page can be reached via the home page of JENAM2010:



3. Science with the HTRS on the International X-ray Observatory

We are organising a conference in the Swiss Alps to discuss the science of
the HTRS, the High-Time Resolution Spectrograph, on board the
International X-ray Observatory, entitled:

     "Fast X-ray timing and spectroscopy at extreme count rates
     Science with the HTRS on the International X-ray Observatory"

The meeting will be held from 7-11 February 2011, in Champéry, Switzerland. 
For full details please consult the URL:


The deadline for registration and submitting an Abstract is October 1, 2010.

The conference will cover the following topics:

- Black hole spin: line, continuum, quasi-periodic oscillations
- Neutron star equation of state: M/R from burst spectra, magnetar
  quasi-periodic oscillations, kHz quasi-periodic oscillations, iron
  line, burst oscillations
- General relativity in the strong-field regime: Lense-Thirring
  precession, epicyclic frequencies, innermost circular orbit, event
- Neutron star cooling
- Accretion discs
- Accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars
- X-ray bursts
- Soft gamma-ray repeaters, anomalous X-ray pulsars
- Jets
- Multiwavelength observations
- Instrumentation, with a focus on the HTRS and IXO

The conference will take place in Champéry, in the Swiss Alps. Champéry is a 
wonderful place for all kinds of outdoor winter activities. It is part of the 
largest internationally connected ski area in the world, les Portes du Soleil, 
with more than 650 km ski tracks, among which the Pas de Chavanette, one of the 
most impressive ski track in the world. Participants to the conference and 
accompanying persons will get a 15% rebate on ski passes.

Mariano Méndez (Chair), Didier Barret (Co-chair), Ali Alpar,
Marat Gilfanov, Michiel van der Klis, Chryssa Kouveliotou,
Sandro Mereghetti, Jon Miller, Frits Paerels, Stéphane Paltani,
Ron Remillard, Luigi Stella, Tod Strohmayer, Michel Tagger,
John Tomsick, Phil Uttley, Anna Watts, Jörn Wilms

Stéphane Paltani (Chair), Didier Barret, Maurizio Falanga,
Martine Logossou, Maria Süveges.


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