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1. REMINDER: Call for Expressions of Interest for EAS Symposia during JENAM2011

2. REMINDER: Call for nominations for the Tycho Brahe Prize 2011

3. AstroShare Wiki

4. Update on Astro Book Drive 

5. Observing with ALMA - Early Science


1. REMINDER: Call for Expressions of Interest to organise EAS Symposia during JENAM2011

We invite the Astrophysics and Space Science communities to propose sessions for
the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia,
from 4-8 July 2011.

A broad range of parallel sessions can be accommodated as
(A) 'special sessions' consisting of up to 3 blocks of 1.5 hours and
(B) longer sessions ('symposia') consisting of up to 6 blocks of 1.5
hours, stretching over 2 days.

All proposals should be submitted as plain text email, with up to a
maximum of 500 words, and should include the following information:

      1. Title of proposed session
      2. Summary of the goal(s) of the session
      3. Names of organisers (at least two persons)
      4. Justification for proposed duration of the session (how many
         1.5-hour blocks?)
      5. Anticipated audience size

Proposals should be sent to Elias BRINKS <secretary-eas @ unige.ch>;
by the extended, but now hard deadline of 1st November 2010 for review by the SOC.
Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the selection process by the end
of November 2010.

Individuals within the European astronomy and space science communities, and networks 
also, are strongly encouraged to propose and organise sessions.


2. REMINDER: Call for nominations for the Tycho Brahe Prize 2011

One of the highlights of this year's JENAM was the award of the EAS Tycho Brahe
prize to Ray Wilson. EAS Council now invites nominations for the Tycho Brahe 
Prize 2011. Full details, including nomination form can be found on the EAS webpages at


and clicking on the 2011 tab. Note the strict deadline of Friday, October 29, 2010


3. AstroShare Wiki

The AstroShare Wiki (http://www.astroshare.org)
represents part of an effort to  encourage communication within the astronomical
software community. A number of people have put some effort into getting this started.
They hope there is something useful there already, but mostly they hope others will
add to it and that it will grow to become a useful resource for the sharing of
information and experience within our community.

The organisers state: "As projects, teams and individuals we are often tackling 
the same or similar problems, but we are not learning from each other, nor sharing 
ideas, as well as we could, and certainly not sharing as much code as we would like 
(with a few excellent and very honourable exceptions). We are sure that we can 
do very much better - we would like to see an active astronomical software community."

4. Update on Astro Book Drive 

Astro Book Drive is a Special Project of "Beyond IYA". Astro Book Drive is 
officially endorsed  as a Special Project of "Beyond International Year of Astronomy 2009".


Astro Book Drive has now completed one year channeling donated surplus materials
to improve astronomy education in developing countries. To view an update on its
recent activities, check:



5. Observing with ALMA - Early Science

ALMA is currently under construction and should start full operations in 2013. 
However, already in 2011, ALMA will be operated with a limited number of antennas (16) 
and restricted capacity (e.g. baselines < 1 km). The first Call for Proposals for
this "ALMA Early Science" phase could be issued in the first semester of 2011.

To help the IRAM community to prepare this important milestone, the IRAM ARC node 
will be organising a 3-day workshop on November 29th to December 1st 2010 at the 
institute's headquarters (Grenoble, France):


Likewise, the UK ARC Node will be organising a Community Day event in the week of
13th December 2010. An announcement is expected to be posted soon on their home page:



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