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1. UPDATE First Announcement: European Week of Astronomy & Space Science (JENAM 2011)

2. Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting 2011

3. Assembling the Puzzle of the Milky Way, Le Grand-Bornand, 18-22 April 2011

4. Job and Summer Schools on the EAS Web


1. UPDATE First Announcement: European Week of Astronomy & Space Science (JENAM 2011)

As announced in the previous EAS e-News, the "European Week of Astronomy and Space
Science 2011" (EWASS 2011) will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the 
week of July 4-8, 2010. Much progress is being made and it is hoped a second
announcement will be circulated shortly, at which time  you are all invited to register.

EWASS2011 will host 9 Mini-Symposia, plenary sessions and many Special Sessions
on various aspects of modern astronomy. The European Astronomical Society (EAS)
General Assembly, Business and Council meetings will also take place during EWASS 2011. 

We believe that EWASS 2011 will be a truly exciting event, addressing  a wide range
of topics in Astronomy and Space Sciences and related technologies, that are of
interest to the European astronomical community. 

Scientific Organising Committee

    * Iossif Papadakis (Co-chair; U. Crete, Greece)
    * Alexander Stepanov (Co-chair; Pulkovo Obs. Russia)
    * Yuri Balega (Special Astrophys. Obs. Russia)
    * Alexander Boyarchuk (National Astronomical Committee, Russia)
    * Elias Brinks (U. Hertfordshire, UK)
    * Anatol Cherepaschuk (U. Moscow, Russia)
    * Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard (U. Aarhus, Denmark)
    * Andrey Finkelstein (Inst. Appl. Astronomy, Russia)
    * Sergey Grebenev (Space Res. Inst. Russia)
    * Karel van der Hucht (SRON, Netherlands)
    * Nikolai Kardashev (Astronomy Council, Russia)
    * Simon Lilly (Astron. Inst. Zurich, Switzerland)
    * Mikhail Marov (Keldysh Inst. of Applied Mathematics, Russia)
    * Didier Queloz (U. Geneve, Switzerland)
    * Nikolai Samus (Euro-Asian Astron. Soc., Russia)
    * Boris Shustov (Astron. Inst. Moscow, Russia)
    * Rashid Sunyaev (Space Res. Inst. Russia/ MPA Germany)
    * Lev Zelenyi (Space Res. Inst. Russia)

Local Organising Committee

    * Alexander Stepanov (Chair; Pulkovo Obs.)
    * Tatiyana Borisevich (Pulkovo Obs.)
    * Valentine Chepurova (Euro-Asian Astron. Soc.)
    * Anne Dutrey (EAS/ LAB, France)
    * Andrey Finkelstein (Inst. Appl. Astronomy)
    * Yuri Gnedin (Pulkovo Obs.)
    * Andre Mointinho (U. Lisbon, Portugal)
    * Yuri Nagovitsyn (Pulkovo Obs.)

The conference web page containing most up-to-date information is available at:
You can find there information about the Symposia, Special and Plenary Sessions,
and in due course the option to register. A limited amount of financial support
will be provided by EAS to facilitate the participation of early career astronomers.

The "Abstract Submission" and "Grant Application" sections are now open, and
interested colleagues can submit their abstracts and apply for financial support
through the relevant pages at the conference web page. 

Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Park Inn Hotel "Pulkovskaya", Pobedy Square 1,
196240 St.Petersburg,  Russia (http://www.parkinn.com/hotelpulkovskaya-stpetersburg).

St. Petersburg is one of the world's most beautiful cities. It was founded in 1703
by Emperor Peter the Great as his "window on the West". Although just 300 years old,
St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major
historical figures. The city today offers to its visitors high art, lavish architecture,
excellent nightlife, and extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions that have
inspired and nurtured some of the modern world's greatest literature, music, and visual
art. From late May to early July the nights are bright in St Petersburg, with the
brightest period, the so called "White Nights" (Beliye Nochi), normally lasting from
June 11th to July 2nd. Although the phenomenon is not unique to St Petersburg, it is
probably fair to say that in no other northern city have "white nights" received such
poetic and literary acclaim.

Conference Accommodation

Information regarding hotel accommodation, rates and booking of hotels will be announced
on the conference web page in late March 2011.

Travel to Russia

All foreign nationals are required to have an entry visa to travel to the Russian
Federation. The SOC plans to send invitation letters to participants upon registration.
More information on visa requirements and the necessary procedure to acquire a visa
will be given in late March 2011. 

Contact: jenam2011  @  gao.spb.ru


2. Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting 2011
From Sunday 17 to Thursday 21 April 2011, around 500 astronomers and space scientists
are expected to gather at the Venue Cymru conference centre in the seaside town of
Llandudno, Wales, for the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM 2011), the UK?s largest
professional astronomy conference.
NAM 2011 is held in conjunction with the UK Solar Physics (UKSP) and Magnetosphere
Ionosphere Solar-Terrestrial physics (MIST) meetings.
The conference will see scientists presenting new research on topics including the
rise in solar activity and its effect on space weather; the formation and evolution
of planetary systems and the prospects for life elsewhere in the universe, astroparticle
physics, cosmology, space and industry, and education and public outreach. Public events
including a keynote lecture and Welsh language astronomy evening will run alongside
the formal sessions.
Meeting arrangements and a full and up to date schedule of the scientific programme
can be found on the official website at http://www.ras.org.uk/nam-2011
The deadline for submission of abstracts (for which prior registration is necessary)
is 16 March. Register on line at https://reg.istrations.com/delegate/events/LCSNAM2011
Llandudno is a popular resort and it is advisable to book hotel accommodation as soon
as possible (see https://www.conferencebookings.co.uk/delegate/LCSNAM11,
the official accommodation site, and http://www.visitllandudno.com/accommodation/).
The conference is principally sponsored by the RAS and the Science and Technology
Facilities Council (STFC).

3. Assembling the Puzzle of the Milky Way, Le Grand-Bornand, 18-22 April 2011

Exploiting large scale surveys, such as Gaia, PanStarrs, 2Mass, and many others,
for enhancing our understanding of the formation of our Galaxy is a great challenge.
It involves understanding of many different physical processes, including star formation,
chemical evolution and dynamics. The understanding of this puzzle requires exchange
between astrophysics experts in each of these physical aspects. The topics of this
conference span a wide range from the Halo of the Milky Way, the thin and the thick disc,
the galactic Bulge, star formation and interstellar medium and will cover also large scale
and/or dedicated observations  of our Galaxy as well as  different approaches of Galaxy models.
The link between these different topics will give a better understanding on the formation
and evolution of our Galaxy in order to obtain a better calibration tool for extragalactic
systems. It will be a starting point of assembling the international community in preparing
the exploitation of the Gaia data.

Registration deadline April 1st, 2011.
Website: http://mw2011.obs-besancon.fr/


4. Job and Summer Schools on the EAS Web

This is to remind the members that EAS provides job information on the EAS Web. It
lists advertisements for postdoctoral and staff positions at:
as well as openings of PhD positions, notably across Europe, at:

At the time of writing, 35 postdoctoral and 10 pre-doctoral positions are advertised.
In addition, EAS maintains a list of "Schools". at present 14 Summer and Winter Schools
are listed at: http://eas.unige.ch/schools.jsp

We encourage you not only to use these pages for your own benefit, but also to post
job offers. Also, if you know of Schools that aren't listed yet, please contact the
EAS Secretary at: secretary-eas  @  unige.ch


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