Symposium S1  30 June - 1 July 2021

A holistic view of the Milky Way: linking ages, chemistry and kinematics

Aims and scope

Until recently the Galaxy was viewed as an entity made of almost uncoupled components. Recent large surveys, particularly the European Gaia mission, show however that the formation and evolution of the Galactic disc and halo are not independent. A number of past and recent merger events (Gaia-Sausage-Enceladus, Sagittarius, Magellanic Clouds) are now recognised to have shaped the dynamics of the disc and halo, as well as their star formation history and chemo-dynamical trends, throughout their lifetime. Yet a global representation of our time-dependent Milky Way and its still in its infancy. Due to its complexity, the reconstruction of the formation history of our Galaxy requires a global analysis of its chemistry, dynamics and age distribution on different scales. This is the context in which this symposium will take place, with the aim to bring together experts on different aspects of the Milky Way (dynamics, chemical evolution, stellar evolution/asteroseismology) to identify recent advances as well as future science avenues. The ultimate goal is to forge new collaborations among scientists to advance on studies of the formation of the Milky Way through Galactic Archaeology, and tests of the galactic potential on scales of parsecs (solar neighbourhood) to hundreds of kiloparsecs (outer halo).


Wednesday 30th June 2021

    Session 1: Galactic Clocks - determination of stellar ages Topics: Methods (CMD vs. asteroseismology, gyrochronology, OC isochrones, C/N and other ratios). Current and future observational efforts. The Star Formation History of the MW and its satellites from small (solar neighbourhood) and extended stellar samples.

    Session 2: Chemistry as Galactic scissors - observed chemical distributions and chemical models Topics: Metallicity DF, galactic chemical evolution models, population synthesis models, chemical abundance trends (alpha elements and beyond), r- and s-process elements, elemental abundances from low S/N spectra.

    Session 3: The disc and its perturbations - kinematics and disc-halo interface Topics: Velocity distribution function, non-axisymmetric time-dependent structures (warps, waves, flares, spirals, bars, DM halo wakes).
Thursday 1st July 2021
    Session 4: Origins and role of the inner Galactic structures - Bar and/or Bulge Topics: The bar(s) and its properties, secular evolution/origin, old bar/bulge, inner halo.

    Session 5: The stellar halo and dwarf galaxies that shape(d) the Galaxy - massive satellites, disrupted galaxies, streams and others Topics: non-equilibrium halo dynamics (LMC-SMC, Sgr, streams), current visible building blocks (dwarfs, streams, GCs), properties of high-z accreted galaxies using the MW, reconstruction of the mass-[M/H] relation using MW observations.

    Session 6: The formation of the Milky Way traced by gas and stars-merger history Topics: MW merger history and its imprint on current stellar distribution, phase-space structures, gas outflow/inflow rate as drivers of chemical evolution, determination of MW's inflow/outflow history (warm-hot gas halo) and SFH.
The programme will consist of one invited talk per session and many contributed talks. There will be a 15 minutes slot for poster's presentation at the end of each sessions.

Invited speakers

  • Session 1: Payel Das (University of Surrey, UK)
  • Session 2: Alexander Ji (Carnegie Observatories, USA)
  • Session 3: Ivan Minchev (Astrophysical Institute Potsdam, DE)
  • Session 4: Melissa Ness (Columbia University, USA)
  • Session 5: Alis Deason (ICC Durham, UK)
  • Session 6: Ana Bonaca (Harvard ITC, USA)

Scientific organisers

  • Chervin LAPORTE (co-chair, Kavli IPMU - Japan)
  • Santi ROCA-F└BREGA (co-chair, UCM - Spain)
  • Guillaume THOMAS (co-chair, IAC - Spain)
  • Gurtina BESLA (University of Arizona - USA)
  • Cristina CHIAPPINI (AIP - Germany)
  • Else STARKENBURG (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - The Netherlands)



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