Volunteer information for EAS2021

Status 12.04.2021

Volunteer registration is now closed.


How do I register as a volunteer?

Registration is now closed, we have sufficient volunteers.

When will I receive final confirmation of my blocks to volunteer at?

Begin April you will receive confirmation of the blocks allocated to you and later you will receive instructions how to volunteer and what we will need from you.

When will I receive a special volunteer registration link to register for the conference with a fee waiver?

You will receive a registration link with fee waiver on 15 April. When you register with the fee waiver link, you automatically confirm to perform the tasks assigned to you in the Onsite Staff Schedule - EAS2021. If you do not follow the required training and do not volunteer after all, the fee waiver will be annulled. After your payment of the fee, you will obtain admittance to EAS2021 again.

Is it a specialist job to volunteer?

No, you just need a working computer and a good internet connection. Zoom knowledge is useful, but not required. You will receive training before the conference.

Will I get a certificate stating that I volunteered at EAS2021?

Yes! A few weeks after the conference you will receive a volunteer certificate.

How was the experience for the volunteers of ES2020?

It was very well received and enjoyed. Via our social media channels we will portray participants and volunteers of EAS2020 in the weeks before the conference.

Will I get training on my volunteer tasks?

Yes and the training is mandatory to be eligible for the fee waiver. There will be several opportunities in the week(s) before the conference.

If I do not volunteer after all, will I be too late to register as a regular participant?

The registration deadline is 2 July, so you have ample time to register if you do not volunteer. Please note that you will forfeit your fee waiver of course if you do not volunteer a minimum of 6 blocks or fail to follow the training prior to the conference. Please inform Alexandra Schouten-Voskamp.

When will I ultimately know if a volunteer role has been assigned to me?

In April we will have confirmed all volunteers or we will have sent additional information.

Can I change the number of blocks I volunteer at or which blocks I prefer to support?

If your blocks have been confirmed in the Onsite Staff Schedule of EAS2021 and your availability changes you can email a volunteer from the volunteer team tab in the schedule and try and swap. Please inform Alexandra Schouten-Voskamp of the swap, if you both agree, or for other options.

I am on the volunteer team list, but I have no tasks assigned. When will I know my tasks?

You are on standby. Closer to the conference there will be comparable tasks for which we need your help. We will inform you as soon as possible, but please make sure you will be available for instructions in the week before the conference and for up to six hours during the conference. Maybe there will also be evening (social) activities.

I have other questions. Who can I contact?

You can contact Alexandra Schouten-Voskamp.