Plenary Talks

  1. Laura Kreidberg (MPIA Heidelberg, Germany)
    Planets are Places: Characterization of Other Worlds in the 2020s (Mon 15:00)
  2. Benjamin Stappers (University of Manchester, UK)
    Fast Radio Bursts (Mon 15:30)
  3. Anders Johansen (Lund University, Sweden)
    The roles of pebbles and migration in planet formation (Tue 15:00)
  4. Samaya Nissanke (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    New perspectives onto the Universe in the era of multi-messenger astronomy (MMA) (Tue 15:30)
  5. Ágnes Kóspál (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary)
    Star formation in the limelight (Wed 14:30)
  6. Alceste Bonanos (National Observatory of Athens, Greece)
    New developments and challenges in massive star evolution (Thu 15:30)
  7. François Forget (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris, France)
    Old questions and new enigma on planet Mars (Fri 14:00)
  8. Laura Pentericci (Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Italy)
    Probing the Epoch of Reionization with galaxies and QSOs (Fri 15:15)

Community Reports

  1. Philip Diamond (SKA Organisation, United Kingdom)
    SKAO Report (Tue 14:30)
  2. Günther Hasinger (ESA report)
    Update on the ESA Scientific Programme (Wed 15:00)
  3. Xavier Barcons (ESO report)
    ESO programme status update (Fri 14:30)

Prize Award Talks and Ceremonies

In addition, the following prizes will be presented during EAS 2021: