Symposium S3  28-29 June 2021

Galaxy clusters and AGNs: advances in theoretical simulations and observations by next-generation surveys

Aims and scope

Galaxy clusters offer ideal laboratories for investigating the energetic physics of intracluster medium and the impact of dense environments on their AGN population. Mergers and collision in unrelaxed clusters drive bulk-motions, turbulence, and shocks in the intracluster medium, while the cores of relaxed clusters are disrupted by feedback from supermassive black holes. In addition, the tidal forces experienced by galaxies within the cluster environment causes a perturbation in their jet properties, gas distribution, and star-forming activities. Many new observational discoveries of diffuse cluster emission and revived AGN fossil plasma sources have been made in the last decade with the large (SKA-pathfinder) radio surveys such as the LOFAR, GMRT, VLA, ASKAP, and MWA that have provided valuable constraints to the theoretical models. However, the observational results still remain inadequate to uphold the theoretical hypothesis and are a topic of great debate. With the on-going (and near-future) radio and complementary multi-wavelength (ALMA, eRosita, PLANCK, WEAVE, etc.) surveys, we are at the brink of a new era of discoveries in the realm of the cluster of galaxies and their AGN population physics. The goal of this special session is to gather the community exploiting low-frequency radio and multi-wavelength survey data, to share and review the new results attained from on-going and future surveys. This session will focus on new results achieved from theoretical, observational relating to radio surveys as well as complimentary multiwavelength surveys.

6 blocks of 1.5 hrs each focused on-

Monday 28 June 2021

  • Session 1- theoretical simulations on clusters of galaxies
  • Session 2- radio surveys on clusters of galaxies
  • Session 3- multiwavelength surveys on clusters of galaxies

  • Tuesday 29 June 2021

  • Session 4- theoretical simulations on galaxy population within-cluster environment
  • Session 5- radio surveys on galaxy population within-cluster environment
  • Session 6- multiwavelength surveys on galaxy population within-cluster environment

  • There will be a 15 minutes slot for poster presentation at the end of each session.


    • Diffuse emission in galaxy clusters
    • AGN feedback
    • Magnetic fields and polarization studies in galaxy clusters
    • Galaxy population in cluster environment
    • Radio surveys (imaging and HI) on galaxy clusters
    • Synergies with multi-wavelength (X-rays, optical, IR, etc.) surveys

    Invited speakers

    • Marcus Brüggen (Hamburg Observatory, Germany)
    • Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF, Italy)
    • Gabriella Di Gennaro (Leiden Observatory, Netherlands)
    • Ruta Kale (NCRA-TIFR, India)
    • Andrea Merloni (MPE, Germany)
    • Tony Mroczkowski (ESO,Germany)
    • Emanuela Orrù (ASTRON,Netherlands)
    • Thomas Reiprich (Universität Bonn, Germany)

    Scientific organisers

    • Mamta Pommier (Chair, University Claude Bernard Lyon1, France)
    • Matthias Hoeft (Co-Chair, TLS Tautenburg, Germany)
    • Cathy Horellou (Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden)
    • Tim Shimwell (Leiden Observatory, Netherlands)
    • Andra Stroe (CfA, USA)
    • Reinout van Weeren (Leiden Observatory, Netherlands)
    • Contact

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