Special Session SS17  1 July 2021

Science with WEAVE, the WHT's next-generation spectroscopic survey facility

Aims and scope

WEAVE is a major new instrument for the William Herschel Telescope offering a 1000-fibre Multi Object Spectrograph, a large Integral Field Unit (IFU) and 20 individually deployable mini IFUs over a 2 degree field-of-view. 2021 marks the year of WEAVE's first light and the start of its eight community-led surveys spanning science interests from stellar, Galactic, extragalactic and cosmological communities.

Roughly 30% of the time on the telescope over the next five years will be available to the ING community for open-time proposals. The goal of this session is to deliver information directly to future WEAVE and archive users soon after WEAVE's first light. We invite interested astronomers to participate in a timely session on WEAVE, to learn about and discuss the instrument design, its capabilities, scientific plans of its major surveys, and commissioning results.

We actively encourage community-led proposals and archive use for a variety of science cases that can be realised with WEAVE. A primary focus of this session will therefore be presentations devoted to the preparation of open-time WEAVE proposals, in which session participants will be led through the WEAVE data flow, data releases and the use of its archive service. Demos and a question-and-answer session will allow participants to interact with members of the WEAVE Project teams responsible for the data reduction and astrophysical analysis pipelines, as well as with the Project Scientist and the Instrument Scientist team. We will also discuss scientific possibilities with PIs of Science Verification teams and address synergies with other existing and future instruments.


Session 1 -- WEAVE and its surveys:

  • WEAVE design: Gavin Dalton (Oxford/RALSpace)
  • WEAVE capabilities and survey planning: Scott Trager (Groningen)
  • WEAVE's Galactic surveys: TBD
  • WEAVE's extragalactic surveys: Kenneth Duncan (Edinburgh)
  • Astrophysical calibration of WEAVE data: Sara Lucatello (Padova)
Session 2 -- WEAVE's Science Verification programmes and synergies with other surveys
  • MOS observations of X-ray selected AGN: Sotiria Fotopoulou (Bristol)
  • LIFU observations of supernovae hosts: Ning-Chen Sun (Sheffield)
  • MOS observations of possible GW hosts: Lána Salmon (Dublin)
  • 4MOST/WEAVE connections: Sofia Feltzing (Lund)
  • contributed talks TBD
Session 3 -- proposing for WEAVE's open time and using the WEAVE Archive System:
  • Preparation of WEAVE open-time proposals: Cecilia Fariña (ING)
  • WEAVE's data flow: Clare Worley (Cambridge)
  • The WEAVE Automatic Submission Platform: David Murphy (Cambridge)
  • The WEAVE Archive System: Marcello Lodi (INAF-TNG)
  • Demos of the submission and archive systems
  • Q&A with members of Project Scientist, Instrument Scientist, and Science Processing and Analysis teams

Invited speakers

  • Kenneth Duncan (IoA U. Edinburgh)
  • Sotiria Fotopoulou (U. Bristol)
  • Marcello Lodi (INAF-TNG)
  • Sara Lucatello (INAF-Padova)
  • Lána Salmon (University College Dublin)
  • Ningchen Sun (U. Sheffield)
  • Clare Worley (CASU, U. Cambridge)
and others to be announced soon!

Scientific organisers

  • Gavin Dalton (Oxford U./RAL Space)
  • Shoko Jin (Oxford U./SRON/Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)
  • Ulrike Kuchner (U. Nottingham)
  • Maria Monguió (ICC, U. Barcelona)
  • Scott Trager (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)


Ulrike Kuchner (she/her): Ulrike.Kuchner @ nottingham.ac.uk

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