EWASS 2014 : European Week of Astronomy and Space Science
30 June – 4 July 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
Symposium S9 30 June – 1 July 2014

Exploring the Low-frequency Radio Sky in the SKA Era

Aims and scope

As a community, our capabilities for probing the largely unexplored, low-frequency radio regime have never been greater. New facilities such as LOFAR, the MWA, and the LWA provide a powerful complement to existing low frequency instruments like the GMRT and VLA. By the time of EWASS 2014, both LOFAR and MWA will have completed over a year of full science operations as well as initial, all-sky surveys in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively. Exciting new results from these instruments across a broad range of topics including cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, AGN feedback and evolution, stellar evolution, compact objects, planetary studies, and solar physics are already beginning to appear with many more expected over the coming year.

Over the same timeframe, the SKA community is actively assessing and revising the baseline design for the low-frequency component of the SKA Phase 1. Technical innovations and experience gained from these low-frequency SKA pathfinders will be crucial inputs to this community discussion. EWASS 2014 represents an excellent opportunity to review the state of current low-frequency capabilities and how we go forward in the SKA era.


With this Symposium, we hope to achieve the following specific goals:

  • Inform the community about the currently available facilities and their capabilities.
  • Present a range of new low-frequency science results that demonstrate these capabilities.
  • Discuss the technical challenges and innovations facing low-frequency radio astronomy.
  • Engage the wider community in the SKA low-frequency design discussion.
  • >> See the full programme of S9 Talks / Posters

    Invited speakers

  • Robert Braun (SKAO)
  • Rossella Cassano (INAF)
  • Tracy Clarke (NRL)
  • Peter Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Yashwant Gupta (NCRA)
  • Gregg Hallinan (CalTech)
  • George Heald (ASTRON)
  • Natasha Hurley-Walker (Curtin University)
  • Namir Kassim (NRL)
  • Joeri van Leeuwen (ASTRON)
  • Rick Perley (NRAO)
  • Randall Wayth (Curtin University)
  • Saleem Zaroubi (University of Groningen)

  • Scientific organizers

    Michael Wise (ASTRON), Raffaella Morganti (ASTRON), Tracy Clarke (NRL),
    Yashwant Gupta (NCRA), Steven Tingay (Curtin University)


    Michael Wise (wise @ astron.nl)

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