Symposium S4  24 – 25 June 2015

New Challenges in Astrophysics with Gravitational Waves

News: 11/12/2014: List of invited speakers (preliminary)

Aims and scope

The advanced generation of the gravitational detectors Virgo and LIGO is starting its operational scientific life in 2015. When they reach their nominal sensitivity and probably before, we expect the detection of several sources from compact binary mergers (NS-NS, NS-BH, BH-BH) in the local universe. Some of these (NSNS) are also invoked as the progenitors of short-duration gamma-ray bursts, producing clear photon signatures at all energies, while the electromagnetic (EM) emission of NSBH and BHBH is unclear. The association of a GW source with an EM emitter is of paramount importance for learning about the (astro)physics of the objects. However, this association is challenging because of the poor localization accuracy of the source by the advanced LIGO and Virgo network, the background of transient astrophysical and spurious sources, the possible delay for radio sources, and probably the many unknown physical processes at work. The purpose of the session is to gather people from the astrophysics and gravitational wave physics community to share ideas, discuss the possible manifestations of the sources in both domains (and at all wavelengths), the rates, and the strategy for follow-up in the EM domain.


  • Advanced generation detectors for the detection of gravitational waves
  • Astrophysical sources of gravitational waves
  • Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources
  • Test of general relativity and physics with gravitational waves
  • Methods for data processing and combining multimessenger information
  • Instrumentation: electromagnetic
  • Instrumentation: beyond the advanced generation of GW detectors
  • ...

Invited speakers

  • Eric Chassande-Mottin (APC Paris)
  • Karsten Danzmann (MPG-AEI Hannover & eLISA spokeperson)
  • Bruce Gendre (UVI)
  • Elena Pian (INAF-IASF Bologna)
  • Tania Regimbau (CNRS-ARTEMIS Nice)
  • Fulvio Ricci (Univ. La Sapienza Rome, Advanced-Virgo spokeperson)
  • Stephan Rosswog (Univ. Stokholm)
  • Chris Van Den Broeck (NIKHEF Amsterdam)
  • ...

Scientific organisers
Michel Boër, ARTEMIS, Nice, France (Chair); Marica Branchesi, Uni. Urbino, Italy (Co-chair); Laura Cadonati, Georgia Tech., USA; Gijs Nelemans, UnI. Radbout, Netherlands; Alberto Castro-Tirado, IAA, Spain; Enzo Brocato, Obs. Roma, Italy

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