Symposium S7  26 June 2015

Worlds within particles:
Representing supernovae and stellar populations in galaxy simulations

Aims and scope

Though the computational power available for our galactic and cosmological-scale simulations grows ever more impressive, our models must still face the task of representing an entire stellar population, containing hundreds of supernovae, with just a single particle of some hundreds of thousands, or millions of solar masses.

The algorithms which determine the evolution of these cells must somehow encapsulate our knowledge of an extraordinary range of different aspects of astrophysics. And experts from all of these different fields are not easily assembled in the same place.

At EWASS, this rare combination of expertise will be readily available, with researchers attending who work on:

  • Stellar feedback modelling (who may also attend symposium S8)
  • The interstellar medium (S6 & Sp20)
  • Stellar evolution (Sp18)
  • Supernovae (Sp17)
The aim of this symposium is to foster communication and collaboration between researchers in these inter-dependant and yet separated fields who might not otherwise encounter each other's work.


We present contributions from researchers from all of these fields whose work impacts on this particular challenge: from those whose entire simulation or observational field would fit within these particle-worlds, to those for whom they comprise just a single pixel.

Invited speakers

  • Keiichi Maeda (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Rob Crain (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

Scientific organisers

  • Martin Stringer
  • Claudio Dalla Vecchia
  • Inma Martinez-Valpuesta
  • Mike Beasley
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