Special Meeting SM5  25 June 2015

Synergies between solar and night-time Adaptive Optics

Aims and scope

Adaptive Optics (AO) has achieved a continuous development over the last three decades. During the last years, AO efforts have been focused on ELTs and Large Solar projects including new studies to accomplish high level science requirements. This special meeting will be an opportunity to present the state of the art of AO developments in several areas such as simulations, wavefront sensing, tomography, reconstruction algorithms, real time control and laser technologies guide stars. The aim is to gather international AO specialists to review and discuss the latest achievements and identify the limitations of the existing systems, proposing new ideas to afford the future AO systems. At the same time it will be an optimum opportunity to share and exchange information between running programs in the international community pursuing the same objectives. Special attention deserve Solar AO projects, since a successful synergy with the night-time AO expertise will benefit certainly day-time observations.


  • End to end modelling of AO systems
  • Wavefront reconstruction
  • Real time control for Adaptive Optics
  • Challenges in adaptive opitcs wavefront sensing

Invited speakers

  • Francois Rigaut (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Thomas Rimmele (National Solar Observatory,USA)
  • Alastair Basden (Durham University, UK)
  • Thomas Berkefeld(Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics,Germany)
  • Benoit Neichel(Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille,France)
  • Michel Tallon (Observatoire Astronomique de Lyon,France)

Scientific organisers
Iciar Montilla (Chair), Dolo Bello (GTC), Manolo Collados (IP of European Solar Telescope), Jesus J. Fuensalida, Luzma Montoya, Jose L. Rasilla, Luis F. Rodriguez, Jorge Sánchez, Marcos Reyes

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