Special Meeting SM6  22 June 2015

Reaching Diverse Audiences in Europe through Astronomy Outreach

Aims and scope

Astronomy has a raw appeal for many types of people; but we know that in practice we do not engage with all types of people equally. This special meeting will explore this missed opportunity and how to tackle it.

The first workshop will look at definitions of key concepts and review policies in this area.

This will be followed by two workshops looking at particular issues. The first will explore issues of human geography such a rural areas and disadvantaged communities. The second will look at more personal dimensions of diversity including age, disabilities and gender.


Invited speakers

Scientific organisers
Tania Johnston, STFC; Robert Massey, Royal Astronomical Society; Pedro Russo, Leiden University; Edward Gomez, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network

tania.johnston @ stfc.ac.uk

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