Special Session Sp13  26 June 2015

Eruptions and explosions: the lives and deaths of massive stars

Aims and scope

Core-collapse supernovae mark the deaths of massive stars. With the advent of recent surveys (Pan-STARRS, iPTF, PESSTO, etc.) the true diversity of these events is being fully explored, in particular with a view to understanding the dependence of the properties of the supernovae on their progenitors. Mass loss and binarity, for example, can significantly alter the evolution of a massive star, and sets the initial conditions for the eventual supernova. At the heart of each event is an explosion mechanism, to which we are currently observationally ignorant.

The aim of this special session is to explore the evolution of massive stars, in the years leading up to explosion, and the supernova itself as a single narrative. This session will be focused on massive stars and core-collapse supernovae, with the specific intention of bringing together observers and theorists to explore these extreme events.


  • Massive stars and their environments
  • Mass loss from massive stars
  • Luminous blue variables and supernova impostors
  • The progenitors of core-collapse supernovae
  • The explosion mechanisms behind core-collapse supernovae
  • Superluminous supernovae

Invited speakers

  • Nancy Elias-Rosa (Padova)
  • Stacey Habergham(Liverpool John Moores)
  • Sean Couch(Caltech)

Scientific organisers
Justyn Maund (Sheffield) and Rubina Kotak (Queen's University Belfast)

j.maund @ sheffield.ac.uk

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