Special Session Sp8  23 June 2015

The physics of fossil stellar magnetism

Aims and scope

Magnetic fields are key factors in the evolution of massive and intermediate-mass stars, through their ability to influence the angular momentum evolution, internal mixing or mass-loss of stars, and to shape their circumstellar environment. Fossil magnetic fields present a unique opportunity to connect main sequence stars with their evolved descendants (e.g. post-main sequence stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars), while also providing a window into the earlier phases of star formation (e.g. proto-stars, pre-main sequence stars). The present Special Session is aimed at offering a synthetic view of recent observational and theoretical progresses in the domain of fossil magnetism: from early-type stars to neutron stars and white dwarfs. This research area is now benefiting from the rapid, combined development of observations (especially for early-type stars through large programmes such as MiMeS, BOB, and BinaMIcS) and numerical simulations and theory, with the goal to better understand the effect of magnetic fields on stellar structure and evolution.

This one day Special Session consists of 3 blocks of time (1:45 hr, 2:15 hr, 1:30 hr) organized as follows:

  • Session 1 (4 hrs): Magnetic fields in massive and intermediate-mass stars and their descendants : properties, origin and evolution
    • 3 review talks of 35+10 mins
    • 7 contributed talks of 12+3 mins
  • Session 2 (1:30 hrs): Impact of magnetic fields on the circumstellar environment: winds and magnetospheres
    • 1 review talk of 35+10 mins
    • 3 contributed talks of 12+3 mins
Posters may also be submitted.

Invited speakers

  • Gregg Wade (RMC): The MiMeS Survey of Magnetism in Massive Stars
  • Thierry Morel (Universite Liege)
  • Stephane Mathis (Laboratoire AIM Paris-Saclay)
  • Mary Oksala (LESIA): The influence of magnetic fields on the circumstellar environments of hot stars

Scientific organisers

  • Jason Grunhut (ESO, Germany; Chair)
  • Coralie Neiner (LESIA, France)
  • Evelyne Alecian (UJF by IPAG, France)
  • Rainer Arlt (AIP, Germany)
  • Oleg Kochukhov (Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Stephane Mathis (Laboratoire AIM Paris-Saclay, France)
  • Thierry Morel (Universite Liege, Belgium)
  • Mary Oksala (LESIA, France)
  • Asif ud-Doula (Penn State Worthington Scranton, USA)
  • Gregg Wade (RMC, Canada)

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