Special Session SS15 6 April 2018

Hack/Maker Day

Aims and scope

Based on the experiences and success of hack day at EWASS 2017 and similar initiatives at the recent NAM and AAS January meetings, we would like to propose Hack Together Day. Unlike a typical conference session, this will provide an opportunity to collaborate on short projects with fellow astronomers and computer scientists on wide range of topics spanning software development, community outreach, scientific research, and trying out new analysis tools. The goal of a hack day event is to come with a small, do-able project and fully execute it in one day, benefitting from the wide range of expertise in the room and coming up with creative solutions. Hack day project solutions aren't always the most beautiful or elegant or precise solutions, but they work, and typically they provide a prototype for future work on a larger related topic.

We aim to create an event where up to about 60 people with varying computational skills and levels of expertise can work together to achieve well-defined goals (learning or creating). Due to its cross-disciplinarity and non-exclusivity for any programming language, our session appeals to a large audience at EWASS 2018.

Previous experience with programming is not required, and people new to 'hack day' events are extremely welcome! See links to project lists from other hack days:

Also, we will be working in close collaboration with the proposed Software in Astronomy session and will request presenters in that session to be available at the hack event. This way they can help participants who may want to install or ask detailed technical questions about a given software package.

Finally, enrollment for Hack Together Day will be open to all and done via an online portal or at the venue. We will strive to promote diversity among participants in scientific topic and demographics such as seniority, gender, race/ethnicity, and country of origin.

Scientific organisers
Matteo Bachetti (INAF-OAC, IT)
Amruta Jaodand (ASTRON, NL)
Alice Allen (ASCL, US)
Abigail Stevens (UvA, NL)
Andrew Newsam (LJMU, UK)
Alex Hamilton (Hull U., UK)
Harriet Brown (LJMU, UK)
Andreea Font (LJMU, UK)
Matt Darnley (LJMU, UK)
Tom Robitaille (Aperio Software, UK)

matteobachetti.astro @ gmail.com

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