Symposium S3  4 – 7 July 2016

MUSE first year science and beyond

Aims and scope

MUSE, the new VLT wide field (1'x1') optical integral field spectrograph, was successfully commissioned last year. Thanks to its unrivaled 3D spectroscopy capabilities, MUSE has truly opened new exciting perspectives in many different areas of observational astrophysics. It is changing the way we tackle complex questions over a broad range of topics, including planetary nebulae, star forming regions, supernovae remnants, stellar populations, local and distant galaxy kinematics, AGN physics and feedback, lensing, clusters and proto-clusters...

The proposed Symposium will bring together specialists with expertise in different scientific areas to:

  • highlight key results from the first year of observations with MUSE, providing a record of the science produced so far ;
  • share experience regarding observing strategy, reduction and analysis of these complex datasets to foster new approaches and ideas ;
  • discuss challenges ahead of us to interpret and model the very rich MUSE datasets and understand the underlying physics ;
  • stimulate the emergence of completely new projects in particular in synergy with facilities such as ALMA and HST.


The Symposium will cover the broad range of topics tackled by MUSE observations, including:

  • The Milky Way & resolved stellar populations (e.g. Globular Clusters, Star Forming regions, Planetary Nebulae, ... )
  • Nearby Galaxies (e.g. dynamical studies of nearby ellipticals, ionized gas dynamics, metallicity distributions, ...)
  • Galaxy clusters and lensing
  • QSOs and AGN - their properties and surroundings
  • The intermediate-z Universe (e.g. galaxy outflows in distant galaxies, metallicity gradients, galaxy dynamics, ...)
  • The most remote outposts (e.g. Ly-alpha emitters, Ly-alpha halos, ...)
  • Novel methods of data reduction, visualization and analysis of MUSE data (e.g. sky-subtraction methodology, efficient analysis of MUSE cubes, ...)

Invited speakers

All talks are contributed; there are no invited speakers.

Scientific organisers

  • Roland Bacon (CRAL, Lyon, France)
  • Jarle Brinchmann (Leiden Observatory, Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • Eric Emsellem (ESO)
  • Anna Faye Mc Leod (ESO)
  • George Hau (ESO)
  • Bernd Husemann (ESO)
  • Bianca Poggianti (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, Italy)
  • Johan Richard (CRAL, Lyon, France)
  • Eva Schinerrer (MPIA, Germany)
  • Fernando Selman (ESO)
  • Elena Valenti (ESO)
  • Joel Vernet ; chair (ESO)
  • Anne-Marie Weijmans (U. of St Andrews, UK)
  • Lutz Wisotzki (AIP, Potsdam, Germany)

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