Programme Overview

Programme booklets

View the complete Programme and the Short Poster Presentations Programme (both are distributed on site).

Parallel sessions

Sessions are colour-coded to indicate the broad scientific area, to facilitate the day-to-day planning of your week:
 Stars & ISM  Galaxies  Cosmology  Policy
 Instrumentation  Interdisciplinary  Sun & Space  Exoplanets


Special Sessions

Plenary events

Please refer to the dedicated page on Plenary Lectures.

  • Opening ceremony (Mon. 9:15–9:45)
  • EAS General Assembly (Thu 9:15–10:15)
  • Closing ceremony (Fri. 12:45–13:00)
Restricted meetings
  • EAS Affiliated Societies: business lunch (Mon. 13:30–14:30)
  • EAS Strategy Team meeting (Mon. 15:00–16:30)
  • EAS Council meeting 1 (Tue. 12:45–14:45)
  • EAS Council extra meeting on EWASS & Brussels (Wed. 9:00–13:00)
  • EAS Council meeting 2 (Thu. 12:45–14:45)
  • FIRSPEX Consortium meeting (Fri. all day)
Other Astronomy Events in Athens during EWASS 2016