Special Session SS12  8 July 2016

Promoting Diversity in Astronomy

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Aims and scope

Promoting diversity in Astronomy is a crucial focus point within the community in order to enhance its creativity, innovation and well-being. This session is aimed at everyone in the Astronomy community with the primary goal of encouraging an open and productive dialogue around diversity. To entice conversation, the session will draw awareness to the current census of European astronomers, initiatives underway to increase diversity in astronomy and best practices to provide an inclusive, bias-conscious environment.

For anyone interested in contributing to this session, please contact Michelle at mfurlong@tcd.ie.

The program for this session will cover a range of topics, with special contributions from social scientists*, to encourage discussion and progressive thinking on diversity in Astronomy. These topics will include:

  • Current statistics on diversity in the astronomy community and lessons from historical struggles.
  • Challenges to diversity, including the phenomenon of unconscious bias, the prevalence of impostor syndrome and the financial burden for some of a career in Astronomy.
  • The leaky pipeline: from perceptions in school children to the shortage of diversity at the top.
  • Diversity aspects including gender, race, religion, sexuality and social class.
*subject to funding

Invited speakers

  • Francesca Primas
  • Emmanouil Angelakis
  • Susanne Braun

Scientific organisers

  • Dr. Michelle Furlong
  • Dr. Violeta Gonzalez-Perez
  • Dr.Claudia Lagos

mfurlong @ tcd.ie

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