Special Session SS4  8 July 2016

Planning the large spectroscopic surveys with the next generation of European high-multiplex spectroscopic survey instruments

News: Invited speakers confirmed. Programme finalised. Participants who have been awarded a poster contribution, in addition to briefly presenting their key results during the corresponding Symposium/Special Session, will also have the opportunity to provide a PDF file with their results, which will be distributed in electronic form to all EWASS 2016 participants. Instructions about how to submit your poster will be sent later.

Aims and scope

  • Bring awareness of the potential and possibilities offered by the three upcoming major European spectroscopic survey instruments to the wider community.
  • Engage with the wider European community on plans for open survey time offered by WEAVE, MOONS, and 4MOST.
  • Promote synergies between the surveys with WEAVE, MOONS, and 4MOST.

Follow the link below to the final programme.

Invited speakers
Invited speakers include:

  • Jarle Brinkmann (Leiden)
  • Vanessa Hill (Nice)
  • Matt Jarvis (Oxford)

Scientific organisers

  • Michele Cirasuolo (University of Edinburgh, PI MOONS)
  • Gavin Dalton (RAL, PI WEAVE)
  • Roelof de Jong (AIP, PI 4MOST)
  • Sofia Feltzing (Lund Observatory, project scientist 4MOST) chair
  • Carme Jordi (University of Barcelona, Gaia Science Team member)
  • Richard McMahon (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, project scientist 4MOST)
  • Scott Trager (University of Groningen, PI WEAVE)

Sofia Feltzing: sofia @ astro.lu.se

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