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Thierry Courvoisier (Switzerland) — President (since 2010)
Thierry Courvoisier obtained a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Zurich in 1980. He then spent 4 years working with ESA's EXOSAT satellite at the European Space Operations Center (ESOC) of ESA in Darmstadt and 4 years at the Space Telescope European Coordinating facility in ESO in Garching. He joined the Observatory of the Geneva University in 1988. He is full professor there and leads the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre (ISDC) in Versoix near Geneva. His research has been centred mostly on multi-wavelength observations and interpretation of Active Galactic Nuclei and on high energy astrophysics. Since 2012, he is also the President of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).
Roger Davies (UK) — President Elect (since 2016, Councillor since 2012)
Responsibility: liaise with international organisations such as ESO, ESA, IAU and the EPS
Serena Viti (UK) — Secretary (since 2012)
Johan Knapen (Spain) — Treasurer (since 2014, Councillor since 2012)
Other Responsibility: International Year of Light 2015
Emmanouil Angelakis (Germany) — Vice-President (since 2014)
Responsibility: overseeing the issues on education and astronomers outside academia
Sofia Feltzing (Sweden) — Councillor (since 2016)
Responsibility: liaise with Astronet and the European Commission
Lex Kaper (The Netherlands) — Councillor (since 2016)
Responsibility: overseeing the organisation of EWASS
Georges Meylan (Switzerland) — Councillor (since 2016)
Responsibility: chair EAS Prize Committees (Tycho Brahe and MERAC prizes) — oversee nomination of the Lodewijk Woltjer Lecturer
Coralie Neiner (France) — Councillor (since 2014)
Responsibility: Facebook content, recruitment of Organisational Members
Olga Sil'chenko (Russia) — Councillor (since 2014)
Responsibility: liaison with the Affiliated Societies, notably in the Eastern European Region — liaison with the Russian Academy and ROSKOSMOS
Maarten Baes (Belgium) — Newsletter Editor (since 2016)
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The EAS Office is hosted by the ISDC Data Centre for Astrophysics part of the Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva. Requests related to Individual Memberships are to be addressed to Marie-Claude Dunand. For all other matters please contact Martine Logossou.

The general address is:
EAS Office
c/o ISDC
Chemin d'Ecogia 16
CH-1290 Versoix
Phone and Fax:
Tel: +41 22 379 21 00 (M.-C. Dunand)
Tel: +41 22 379 21 10 (M. Logossou)

E-mail: eas-membership @ (for membership requests and fee payment)
E-mail: eas @ (for any other request)


The EAS website is maintained since 2011 by Marc Türler, astrophysicist at the ISDC and the Observatory of the University of Geneva. Requests and feedback are welcome per e-mail.