Lunch Session LS5  1-3 July 2024

Scientific Writing and Publishing for Astronomers
(Masterclasses from A&A and experts from the astronomical community)

News: A series of masterclasses during three lunch session at EAS 2024, on how to write and publish.

Aims and scope

Writing is a vital component of a modern career in astronomical research. Very few researchers, however, receive any training in how to produce high-quality written work in an efficient manner. We propose to deliver a short three-part workshop to introduce this topic, and provide some hands-on training. We will concentrate on how to write scientific papers, and address various aspects including how to crystallise the ideas that underlie the research project, and how the paper is constructed considering the audience and the chosen journal. The workshop will be aimed primarily at Masters and PhD level students who are presented with the daunting task of writing their first scientific paper, but more senior researchers or writing instructors may well find the ideas presented here useful.

Our Special Session will be divided into three parts, in three different lunch sessions. Part one will be more theoretical (though fun and interactive) and will start with a general introduction, followed by a discussion of how to develop the idea of a paper or proposal, and how to format it for the specific journal or panel selected, and for the intended audience. It will include a discussion of how to optimise title and abstract.

The second session will concentrate more on the writing mechanics, and will be more practical and hands-on. We will ask attendees to bring title, abstract, and introduction of a paper they are working on, and will then work with them on improving these sections. Feedback will be based on a series of short exercises, analysed by both the trainers and among the attendees, in small groups.

The third and final session will give insight into how papers can be prepared for the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, and will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the roles of editor, referee, and journal production staff. In this session, we will also continue the coaching of the participants through their own work brought to the workshop.


  • How to develop the idea of a paper or proposal, and how to optimise title and abstract.
  • Writing mechanics.
  • Behind the scenes at Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Invited speakers

  • Henri Boffin (ESO)
  • Johan Knapen (IAC)
  • Nushkia Chamba (NASA)
  • TBD (A&A)

Scientific organisers

Henri Boffin, Johan Knapen, Nushkia Chamba, Charlotte Vanrooyen


johan.knapen @

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