Lunch Session LS6  3 July 2024

Best Practices for Data Publication: help us to help you

Aims and scope

We will present the recommendations of Best Practices for Data Publication in the Astronomical Literature. They have been published (Chen et al., 2022, ApJS 260, 5) by a collaboration between large databases, especially The NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) and the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS). These recommendations are intended as a reference for authors to help prepare and publish data in a way that will better represent and support science results, enable better data sharing, improve reproducibility, and enhance the reusability of data. We encourage authors, journal editors, referees, and publishers to implement the best practices reviewed here, as well as related recommendations for publishing data in the literature.

Some practices can hamper the reliability of the data, produce incomplete results for data mining, and considerably slow down the ingestion processes in large databases. We will review the checklist of the recommendations. Among them are 3 very critical points: respect of the nomenclature rules and correct designations of objects; always give both a correct name and the best coordinates available; do not mix two different informations in the same column.Large databases seek to deliver reference data to the astronomical community. The teams in charge of ingesting new contents in these databases ought to be able to concentrate on the scientific content of the data in order to optimize data mining and fulfil l the FAIR criteria.


  • Topic 1
  • Examples, why does it hamper data mining or/and slow down ingestion
  • Topic 2
  • Review of Best Practices for Data Publication
  • Topic 3
  • Implementation of Best Practices by the journal editors
  • Topic 4
  • Discussion

Invited speakers

  • Thierry Forveille (A&A Chief Editor)
  • Gus Munch (AAS Editor)

Scientific organisers

Cécile Loup (CDS) Chair Giacomo Monari (CDS) Co-chair Thierry Forveille (A&A Chief Editor) Gus Munch (AAS Chief Editor)


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