Lunch Session LS7  4 July 2024

Under the same sky: engage the next generations through an effective science communication

Aims and scope

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of novel methods, tools and activities to engage people towards a scientific culture. Specifically, we will focus on the approaches currently undertaken to communicate and teach astronomy - as case study - broadening the scope towards other fields of science at all levels of education, from kindergarten to undergraduate. Moreover, the issue of communicating science effectively to a general audience will be addressed, discussing the limitations and advantages of existing methods. The session is organized in the context of the MUSA Spoke 6 outreach activity of University Milano-Bicocca. The SOC of this session acknowledge the financial support from Fondazione Cariplo under the grant number 2018-2329.

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With talks and discussions, the symposium aims to share state-of-the-art outreach practices among national and international experts in the field and to pave the road towards new learning strategies in the context of novel technologies, which impact society in general and become relevant to the communication techniques adopted.


The session is divided into four blocks of 20 minutes, each of which will be devoted to a specific target audience addressed by science communication:

  • very young audience (from kindergarten to primary school),
  • teenagers and high-school audiences,
  • academic audience (undergraduate students),
  • general audience.
Each block will be kickstarted by an invited speaker with strong expertise in the field. They will provide a five-minute overview of the sub-topic drawing from their practice. Three short contributed talks and a discussion will follow. The last ten minutes will be devoted to a general discussion and final remarks.

Invited speakers

  • Anna Wolter - Anna is an astrophysicist at INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, she is the Italian representative of ESO Science Outreach Network and is responsible for INAF for ASTRI and CTAO outreach.
  • Leonardo Alfonsi - Leonardo is an expert science communicator and the director of FameLab Italy.
  • Laura Paganini - Laura is an expert science communicator in the FDS lab at the department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano, she has been a high-school teacher for many years
  • Andrea Bernagozzi - Andrea is an expert science communicator and researcher at Osservatorio Astronomico RAVA, he is responsible for communication and outreach activities.

Scientific organisers

  • Dr. Lorenzo Pizzuti,
  • Prof. Michele Fumagalli,
  • Ms. Fabiola Cocchiararo,
  • Dr. Matteo Fossati
  • Prof. Mario Zannoni


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