Special Session SS1  5 July 2024

From Galaxies to Quasars and back: Linking galaxy and SMBH evolution in the first two billion years

Aims and scope

The advent of JWST has shone a new light on supermassive black holes and their host galaxies in the early Universe. The discovery of obscured AGNs (so-called little red dots) lurking in numerous high-redshift galaxies is blurring the boundaries between AGNs and galaxies at z>5. JWST has enabled for the first time the detection of quasar host galaxies and their companions in the rest-frame optical. Meanwhile, ALMA is probing the gas fueling both star formation and BH growth at unprecedented resolution.

The special session aims to bring together the high-redshift galaxy and quasar communities to discuss the latest observational and theoretical developments in the field. With the second year of JWST data, recent ALMA results and the first year of Euclid observations, this session is set at an exciting time to understand the role of SMBHs in early galaxy evolution.

The session will consist of 3x1.5h blocks featuring: 3 review talks, contributed talks and flash poster talks. We will conclude the day with a ~30 min discussion session.


Specific topics discussed will include, but are not limited to:

  • Bridging galaxies, AGNs and quasars: The interplay between SMBH growth and stellar mass build-up in the first billion years
  • Dust-obscured stellar/BH growth in the epoch of reionisation: where do the "little red dots" fit in the context of galaxy evolution?
  • Faint AGNs in luminous high-redshift galaxies: implications for the galaxy UVLF and reionisation
  • Insights from theoretical models of early galaxy and SMBH formation on the recent JWST discoveries
  • The host galaxies and environment of z>5 accreting SMBHs

Invited speakers

  • Jenny Greene (Princeton, USA)
  • Masafusa Onoue (Kavli IPMU Tokyo, Japan)
  • Raffaella Schneider (Sapienza Università Roma, Italy)
  • Scientific organisers

    Eduardo Bañados (MPIA) Rebecca Bowler (University of Manchester) Andy Bunker (University of Oxford) Simona Gallerani (SNS Pisa) Michaela Hirschmann (EPFL) Ivo Labbé (Swinburne University of Technology) Romain Meyer (University of Geneva, co-Chair) Jan-Torge Schindler (University of Hamburg, co-Chair) Marta Volonteri (IAP) Jinyi Yang (University of Arizona)


    romain.meyer @ unige.ch, jtschindler @ hs.uni-hamburg.de

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