Special Session SS23  5 July 2024

Early Career Astronomers and their supporters

Aims and scope

Diversity, inclusion, equity and support are crucial ingredients for the emergence of creative ideas and innovation, the building blocks of research. It is particularly important for Early Career Astronomers (ECAs) to connect and learn navigating the academic system in permanent evolution (e.g., responding to pandemic, climate change and diversity crises). Securing the next job, building a mentoring network, finding support at work while ultimately developing a sustainable behavior is important, yet challenging, particularly for underrepresented minorities in astronomy. Such issues must be addressed simultaneously internationally and at the level of individual institutions. This Early Career Astronomy Day at EAS 2024 aims to bring together scientists across generations to take the practical next steps addressing career challenges.

We invite astronomers from all career stages to participate in our session, to be involved as mentors and mentees, advisors and to share experiences and ideas throughout the sessions for how to best support early career astronomers. We particularly would also love to hear from astronomers with traditionally marginalized backgrounds and/or that are part of underrepresented groups in astronomy.

As the program develops, this page will be updated further with speakers and events.


The ECA day will consist of 4 sessions focusing on, for instance, the following topics: Mental health, well-being and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) for early-career astronomers; Astronomy beyond research as an early-career astronomer (i.e. outreach, media relations, teaching, career development); Post-PhD careers for astronomers (both inside and outside of academia); Lunch session) Interactive mentor-led activity in small groups. The full program will be designed after receiving abstract submissions.

Invited speakers

Scientific organisers

Science Organising Committee in alphabetical order:
Marco Alban, PhD candidate, Heidelberg University, Germany
Jeong Yun Choi, PhD candidate, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany
Anne Inkenhaag, PhD candidate, Radboud University, NL
Owen Johnson, PhD candidate, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Cormac Larkin, PhD candidate, Heidelberg University & MPIK, Germany (Chair)
Roel Lefever, PhD candidate, Heidelberg University, Germany (Co-chair)
Soheb Mandhai, Postdoc, University of Manchester, UK
Parita Mehta, PhD candidate, University of Warsaw, Poland
Prakruti Sudarshan, PhD candidate, MPIA, Germany (Co-chair)
Abhinna Sundar Samantaray, PhD candidate, Heidelberg University, Germany
Jakob van den Eijnden, Postdoc, University of Warwick, UK
Jia Wei Teh, PhD candidate, Heidelberg University, Germany


cormac.larkin @ uni-heidelberg.de

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