Special Session SS3  1 July 2024

Black holes and relativistic jets at the highest spatial resolution: new results and future prospects of the Event Horizon Telescope and mm-VLBI

Aims and scope

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHTC) has unveiled the first ever horizon-scale images of supermassive black holes: M87* in the nearby galaxy M87, and SgrA* at the center of the Milky Way. These images provided remarkable opportunities to test General Relativity and kicked off a brand new research direction in the study of black holes at event horizon scales. These results were accompanied by a series of studies on multiple active galactic nuclei (AGNs) that pushed forward our understanding of the innermost regions of their relativistic jets.

So far, all these results were obtained from the 2017 inaugural observing campaign. The EHTC is now in the process of releasing a wealth of new exciting results about M87* and SgrA*, as well as several AGN sources, from the subsequent observing campaigns. With the addition of new telescopes to the array, higher data rates, and improved analysis algorithms, these new observations will reveal finer details of the horizon-scale emission structure near black holes as well as the dynamics of their relativistic accretion flows and jets.

This special session will showcase the latest EHT science results. It will also introduce the future science plans and technical upgrades that will define the path of the EHT and mm-VLBI during the next decade.


  • A multi-year view of the shadow of the supermassive black hole in M87.
  • Polarization of the ring in Sagittarius A*.
  • The innermost jet structure of AGNs.
  • Galactic Center pulsar search.
  • New tools and prospects for VLBI dynamical imaging.
  • The future of EHT and mm-VLBI.
  • EHT and GMVA synergies.
  • Next-generation EHT.
  • Space VLBI plans.

Invited speakers

  • Rohan Dahale (IAA-CSIC)
  • Britt Jeter (ASIAA)
  • Angelo Ricarte (Harvard BHI)
  • Monika Moscibrodzka (Radboud Univ.)
  • Pablo Torne (IRAM)
  • Rocco Lico (IRA-INAF & IAA)
  • Marianna Foschi (IAA-CSIC)
  • Venkatessh Ramakrishnan (Aalto Univ.)
  • Michael Janssen (Radboud Univ.)
  • Jose L. Gómez (IAA-CSIC)
  • Kazu Akiyama (MIT)

Scientific organisers

Keiichi Asada (ASIAA), Katie Bouman (CMS,Caltech), Silke Britzen (MPIfR), Chi-kwan Chan (Arizona Univ.), Mariafelicia de Laurentis (Univ. Napoli, co-chair), Jose Luis Gómez (IAA), Alejandra Jimenez-Rosales (Radboud Univ.), Michael Johnson (SAO), Svetlana Jorstad (Boston Univ.), Rocco Lico (IRA-INAF & IAA, co-chair), Michael Lindqvist (OSO), Monika Moscibrodzka (Radboud Univ.), Cristina Romero-Cañizales (ASIAA).


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