Special Session SS33  4 July 2024

Young Star Clusters

Aims and scope

Thanks to Gaia's precise astrometry and the new generation of large spectroscopic surveys, like APOGEE, GALAH, RAVE, and GES, hundreds of previously known clusters and associations and thousands of newly discovered Galactic stellar ensembles have been characterized. This vast new dataset has sparked fresh questions about the formation, evolution, and dispersion of star clusters. This session aims to bring together experts to discuss these topics, focusing on upcoming releases like Gaia DR4, WEAVE, 4MOST, and SDSS-V.


We will tackle the following topics.

  • Completeness and observational biases affecting current cluster selections.
  • Towards accurate cluster ages. Stellar evolution.
  • Mechanisms that trigger cluster formation. Propagation of star formation.
  • Morphology, dynamics, and dispersal of clusters.
  • Multiplicity.
  • Chemical abundance patterns in families of clusters.
The final program will be designed after receiving abstract submissions.

Invited speakers

  • Dr. Emily Hunt
  • Dr. Michael A. Kuhn
  • Dr. Katia Biazzo

Scientific organisers

N˙ria Miret Roig (Chair; University of Vienna, Austria); Mark Gieles (Uninversity of Barcelona, Spain); Josefa Gro▀schedl (co-chair, University of Cologne, Germany); Stefan Meingast (University of Vienna, Austria); Germano Sacco (INAF-Osservatorio di Astrofisico di Arcetri, Italy)


N. Miret-Roig (nuria.miret.roig  @  univie.ac.at)

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