Special Session SS41  3 July 2024

Diversity for the advancement of science


  • Jan 31th: Registration open.
  • Feb 29th: List of invited speakers updated.
  • April 30th: Proposed contributions review by the SOC.
  • May 31th: Final list of contributions and programme.

Aims and scope

In order to promote the diversity in academia, we would like to offer a meeting place where the different astronomical societies of European countries can put their ideas and efforts in common, and so get better and homogeneous conditions for equality for all EAS members. We will invite representing figures of European astronomical societies, those with and without equality or diversity policies or committees in their countries, and discuss about make common efforts to:

- Assess the status of the European astronomical community regarding equal opportunities (concerning gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds, disability, etc.)

- Identify the barriers and weak points in the diversity treatment at all stages of academic development.

- Assess how diversity helps science to go further, and how adding different perspectives and ideas enrich our science.

- Identify best practices, tools, and methods to overcome misconceptions and stereotypes about under-represented groups (related to the astronomical community and in society at large)

- Discuss concrete actions to retain minority groups by increasing the diversity of people working in astronomy in Europe (in relation to gender, ethnicity, etc.)

We would like to offer this meeting place to community to present how diversity has help to develop their scientific cases, showing that diversity can contribute to excellence in science.


  • Block 1: 09.00 - 10:30 Introduction to equality status in different countries. Presentations from astronomical societies of several European countries. Contributed posters accepted for this block.

    Invited talks + 1 minute - 1 slide presentation of e-posters related with this block.

  • Coffee break: 10:30 -11:00

  • Block Lunch session: 13:15 - 14:45 Discuss concrete actions of collaboration to increase diversity of people working in astronomy in Europe. Contributed talks and posters accepted for this block.

    Contributed talks + 1 minute - 1 slide presentation of e-posters related with this block.

  • Block 2: 15:00 - 16:30 Success cases of diversity in science. Science cases where diversity contribute to the development of a scientific case. Contributed talks and posters accepted for this block.

    Contributed talks + 1 minute - 1 slide presentation of e-posters related with this block.

  • Coffee break: 16:30 - 17:00

  • Block 3: 16:30 - 17:00 Discussion of barriers and weak points in academic career development and best practices plus concrete actions. Open discussion.

Invited speakers

  • Sheila Kanani (Education, outreach, and diversity officer, Royal Astronomical Society)
  • Eleonora Fiorellino (Research fellow at Italian National Institute for Astrophysics)
  • Victoria Grinberg (Liaison Scientist, Directorate of Science (SCI-E), European Space Agency<\li>
  • Mamta Pommier (Chair of IAU Women in Astronomy WG of the IAU EC)
  • Francesca Primas (Full Astronomer at ESO, 2023 Nancy Grace Roman Award)
  • Anna Puglisi (Research Fellow in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton)
  • Nayra Rodríguez Eugenio (Coordinator of the Education Project with Robotic Telescopes, PETeR, and "Talk to Them: Women in Astronomy", Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Tenerife, Spain)
  • Isabel Torres (Mothers in Science co-founder)

Scientific organisers

  • Veronica Allen (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Netherlands) Chair
  • Cosimo Inserra (Cardiff University, United Kingdom) co-Chair
  • Paul Beck (ULL & IAC, Tenerife, Spain)
  • Silvia Bonoli (Donostia International Physics Center, Spain)
  • MariCruz Gálvez Ortiz (CAB INTA-CSIC, Spain)
  • Monika Jurkovic (Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Katarzyna Malek (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland)
  • Mamta Pommier (University of Lyon & University of Montpellier, France)
  • Kevin Smith (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)


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