Plenary Lectures

  1. Alena & Petr Hadrava (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
    History of Astronomy in the Czech Lands (Mon 11:30)
  2. Guillem Anglada-Escudé (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
    Proxima b, red dwarf planets and the search for life beyond the solar system (Tue 11:00)
  3. Anthony G.A. Brown (Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands)
    First science harvest from the Gaia sky (Tue 11:30)
  4. Richard Wünsch (Astronomical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
    Formation of stars and star clusters (Thu 12:00)
  5. Norbert Werner (Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, USA)
    Chemical Enrichment of Clusters of Galaxies and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe (Fri 12:00)
  6. Arvind Parmar (ESA)
    ESA Report (Fri 11:00)
  7. Rob Ivison (ESO)
    ESO Report (Fri 11:30)

Prize Award Talks and Ceremonies