Poster Information

Technical information

Poster presenters are kindly requested to follow these instructions:

Information The maximum dimensions of the posters should be 0.84m (33 inch) x 1.20m (47 inch) (width x height, orientation portrait), equivalent to A0 size.

Authors are kindly requested to have a signage at the top of their poster with the full title, the names of authors and co-authors, as well as the institutes they work for.

All material needed for putting up posters will be provided by the Congress Secretariat, which will operate at the Congress Venue. Please refer to the registration desk.

Posters can be set-up on Sunday afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 or on Monday morning from 08:00 at given location (poster number) based on the following floor plans.

Short poster presentations should be brought on a memory stick directly to the session chair in advance. The presentation should typically have 1 or 2 slides and last a few minutes. Please contact your session chair directly for exact instructions in case you have not been contacted already.

Poster exhibition floor plans

Please refer to the following maps for the poster exhibition space attributed to each session.