Symposium S15  26 – 27 June 2017

Aims and scope

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA - operating in the radio band), the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA - operating in the GeV-TeV band) and Athena (operating in the X-ray band) are three observatories now at the study, detailed design and/or pre-construction phase. Their unprecedented capabilities will provide per se transformational science during next decade. In parallel, the combinations of their capabilities, as well as the synergies with other world-class instruments, will lead to maximize their scientific return, to fully exploit the universe as a laboratory of fundamental physics, and to eventually pave the way to a new vision of the Cosmos.

The talks in this Symposium should focus on outstanding but still unanswered scientific questions where the fully-fledged multi-wavelength and multi-messenger astronomy enabled by SKA, CTA and Athena will lead to a big step forward in our knowledge. In particular, each of the six sessions will be devoted to report on the potentialities enabled by one of the three facilities in combination with data provided by other major facilities operating across the electromagnetic spectrum and in the realm of other messengers.


  • Block 1: The hot and energetic Universe
    [Athena synergies with Optical/IR and sub/mm facilities]
  • Block 2: New visions of the energetic and relativistic Cosmos
    [SKA synergies with X-ray/Gamma-ray missions]
  • Block 3: The extremes of the electromagnetic Universe
    [CTA synergies with SKA]
  • Block 4: Breakthrough radio astronomy: exploring the unknown
    [SKA synergies with other Radio/mm facilities]
  • Block 5: Transformational pictures of the Universe
    [SKA synergies with IR/Optical facilities]
  • Block 6: A fully deployed multi-messenger astronomy
    [SKA synergies with GWs, particles, neutrinos detectors]

Invited speakers
List in progress

  • Matteo Guainazzi (ESA/ESTEC - The Netherlands)
  • Paolo Padovani (ESO/Garching - Germany)
  • Rossella Cassano (INAF/IRA Bologna - Italy) [tbc]
  • Sera Markoff (Univ of Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
  • Robert Laing (ESO/Garching - Germany)
  • Tiziana Venturi (INAF/IRA Bologna - Italy)
  • Andrea Cimatti (Univ di Bologna/DIFA - Italy)
  • Cees Bassa (Astron - The Neaderlands)
  • Alberto Vecchio (Univ of Birmingham - UK)
  • Jorg Horandel (Radboud Univ Nijmegen & Nikhef - The Neaderlands)
  • Andrew Taylor-Castillo (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies - Ireland)

Scientific organisers
Xavier Barcons (IFCA (CSIC-UC) Santander, Spain), Robert Braun (SKA/Jodrell Bank, UK), Emma de Oña Wilhelmi (IEEC-CSIC Barcelona, Spain), Evan Keane (SKA/Jodrell Bank, UK), Andrea Possenti (INAF/OAC Cagliari, Italy)

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