Special Session SS1  28 June 2017

European Forum of Astronomical Communities in the New Member States

Aims and scope


  • EAS and ASTRONET are joining forces;
  • Readiness to use of the next generation of large research infrastructures by the entire European scientific community;
  • Gradual elimination of the imbalance between more and less developed regions in European astronomy;
  • Initiate a set of pragmatic bottom-up actions to make visible progress wherever possible.
Goals: Audience:
  • All EAS members and other participants of EWASS are welcome;
  • Representatives of national communities nominated by EAS affiliated societies;

Session I: Setting the scene

  • Jan Palouš & Sofia Feltzing: EAS collaboration with ASTRONET;
  • Thierry Courvoisier: The EAS Contribution;
  • Denis Mourard: ASTRONET: Status, progress and plans;
  • Rob Ivison: The ESO perspective;
  • Arvind Parmar: The ESA perspective;
Session II: Publications, Schools and Telescopes
  • Andre Moitinho de Almeida: A&A publication policies;
  • Laszlo Kiss: Writing Schools;
  • Heidi Korhonen: OPTICON Schools;
  • Rob van der Meer: Large and small collaborations; two examples;
  • Jesús Gallego Maestro: Telescopes and Instrumentation.
  • Sona Farmanyan: Development of Small National Astronomical Communities through Inter- and Multi- disciplinary Studies.
Session III: Panel Discussion: Roger Davis, Sofia Feltzing, Denis Mourard, Birgitta Nordstrom, Jan Palous, Colin Vincent
  • National Fora, Visions and Roadmaps;
  • Cooperation of Small and Big Facilities;
  • Joint Actions and Approval of a Common Plan.

Invited speakers

  • Jan Palous (CAS)
  • Sofia Feltzing (EAS)
  • Thierry Courvoisier (EAS)
  • Denis Mourard (ASTRONET)
  • Rob Ivison (ESO)
  • Arvind Parmar (ESA)
  • Andre Moitinho de Almeida (A&A)
  • Laszlo Kiss (Konkoly Observatory)
  • Heidi Korhonen (DARK, Niels Bohr Institute)
  • Jesús Gallego Maestro (MINECO & Universidad Complutense de Madrid )
  • Rob van der Meer (ASTERICS)

Scientific organisers

  • Johannes Andersen
  • Sofia Feltzing
  • Lex Kaper
  • Denis Mourard
  • Birgitta Nordström
  • Jan Palouš

Jan Palouš ( palous @ ig.cas.cz )

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