Special Session SS11  26 June 2017

Star formation, metals, and feedback in galaxies: Combining the latest observations and models

Aims and scope


There have been huge strides forward recently in our understanding of galaxy evolution. Cutting-edge instrumentation has allowed us to study the properties of nearby and distant galaxies in unprecedented detail, and revolutionary simulations have allowed us to push our investigation of the processes driving galaxy evolution to new limits.

However, with these developments comes complexity, and we are in danger of moving on divergent paths. A lack of discussion within the galaxy-evolution community can lead to observers avoiding sophisticated simulations when interpreting their data, and theoreticians losing track of the latest observations to which they must calibrate their models.

Therefore, the goal of this special session is to bring together observers and modellers with an interest in (a) star formation, (b) chemical evolution, and (c) feedback in galaxies, so that a better understanding of the state of affairs in each area can be obtained, and important future collaborations between observers and modellers can be fostered.

Our selection policy for contributed talks: SS11 Selection Policy


  • Star formation
    • - Star formation on sub-galactic scales
    • - The star-forming main sequence
    • - The cosmic SFR density & its evolution
  • Chemical evolution
    • - The mass-metallicity relation & its evolution
    • - Stellar yields & contributions from SNe and AGB stars
    • - The chemical evolution of the Milky Way & ETGs
  • SN & AGN feedback
    • - The impact of SNe on the ISM
    • - Constraining feedback processes with observations
    • - Quasar vs. radio mode AGN feedback and their effects
We welcome submissions for both presentations and posters.

Invited speakers

  • Simon Lilly (ETH Zurich)
  • Thorsten Naab (MPA)
  • Amelie Saintonge (UCL)
  • Joop Schaye (Leiden)
  • Rachel Sommerville (Rutgers)
  • Jabran Zahid (Harvard)

Scientific organisers

  • Rob Yates (MPE) (chair)
  • Bruno Henriques (ETH Zurich)
  • Patricia Schady (MPE)
  • Peter Thomas (Uni of Sussex)

robyates @ mpe.mpg.de

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