Special Session SS3  28 June 2017

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Aims and scope

The preparation of students for research insures continued advances in astronomy and astrophysics. During undergraduate college years students often decide on areas of research and enter graduate programs in those areas. This special session will highlight research done in astronomy and astrophysics that is conducted with the involvement of undergraduates students. The session aims to promote increased involvement of undergraduates in research by highlighting projects in which undergraduates have been involved, backgrounds in astronomy and physics that are helpful to move undergraduates into research, and ways in which students can become more involved in research.

Invited speakers will address their work with undergraduates and beginning graduate students in various areas that include radio astronomy, cataclysmic variables, and computational modeling as well as outreach activities in which they are involved.

The session is open to all areas of astronomy and focuses on observations, data analysis, theory, and numerical simulations in which undergraduates have or can participate in as researchers.


  • Observational Astronomy
  • Data Analysis
  • Computational Modeling
  • Undergraduate Preparation for Research in Astronomy
Invited talks:
  • "Space Science and STEAM Learning at the Arecibo Radio Observatory (AO), Creating a Scientific Pipeline for the Future," Hilda M. Colón-Plumey, Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
  • "Training at the telescope: a need for future astronomers, and a good incentive for students", Michel Dennefeld, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP)
  • "Igniting the Fire for Research and Discovery in Astronomy: Research Experiences and Opportunities for Undergraduate Science Students", Edward Guinan, Villanova University
  • "Undergraduate Research Projects in Physics at UCF" , Michele M. Montgomery, University of Central Florida USA
  • "Cosmic rays, gammas and students - undergraduate research projects in astroparticle physics at the Institute of Physics in Prague", Michael Prouza, Czech Academy of Sciences

  • Invited speakers

    • Hilda Colon-Plumey Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
    • Michel Dennefeld Institut Astrophysique de Paris
    • Edward F. Guinan Villanova University, USA
    • Michele M. Montgomery University of Central Florida, USA
    • Michael Prouza Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

    Scientific organisers
    Richard Olenick, University of Dallas, USA (co-organiser), Irina Voloshina, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (co-organiser)

    Richard Olenick (olenick @ udallas.edu), Irina Voloshina (vib @ sai.msu.ru)

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