Lunch Session LS5  27 June 2019

Aims and scope

ESA has recently selected 3 missions for further study in the M5 call, SPICA, Theseus, and EnVision.

One mission will be selected at the end of the Phase A, early 2021 for a launch expected in 2032.

We will have a town-hall presentation and discussion of the missions.

Image courtesy of J. Richard (CRAL)


  • L. Colangeli (ESA): ESA's Science Programme and the M5 mission selection process
  • P. Roelfsema (SRON): The SPICA mission
  • L. Amati (INAF-OABo): The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS)
  • R. Ghail (Imperial College London): The EnVision M5 Venus orbiter
  • Q/A session

Invited speakers

PIs of the mission candidates or representatives, together with ESA representative.

No contributed talk or poster will be presented for this lunch session.

Scientific organisers

  • M. Audard (University of Geneva, CH)
together with the PIs of the M5 candidate missions:
  • P. Roelfsema (SRON, NL)
  • L. Amati (INAF-OAS Bologna, IT)
  • R. Ghail (Imperial College London, UK)


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