Lunch Session LS7  24 June 2019

Astronet: Science Vision & Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy

News: An opportunity for the community to be aware of, and get it engaged in, development of a new Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for Europe, being led by Astronet.

Aims and scope

The current European Science Vision and Roadmap were created in 2007/08 and revised in 2013/15. These were influential in the national approvals for projects like ELT and SKA.

The next decade is likely to be one when the capabilities available to astronomers are significantly enhanced (ELT, JWST, SKA, Solar Orbiter, BepiColombo, a-LIGO, SKA, CTA, etc.) and a new vision will be essential to ensure that European researchers can make maximum use of the potential of these facilities, whilst also preparing for the next challenges.

Work is underway to develop this vision, but its success is dependent on the wider Astronomy community's support and engagement. This session will set out plans and seek opinions and direction and outcomes.

Astronet is the body set up by many of the funding agencies and organisations for astronomy across Europe to consider and advise the community and national agencies on priorities for the discipline. This includes specialist studies in key areas such as the future development of large facilities, opportunities for coordination and shared working along with opportunities for funding. Astronet has representation from ESA, ESO & the EAS and has good links to associated bodies in Astroparticle Physics. It aims to be inclusive of all aspects of astronomy, both ground- and space-based, laboratory, theory and computing.


Introduction - Ronald Stark (Astronet Board Chair) Process and progress - Dr Colin Vincent (Astronet Board vice chair) Q&A - chaired by Guy Perrin (CNRS & Astronet)

Invited speakers

Dr Ronald Stark (NWO) Dr Colin Vincent (STFC)

Scientific organisers

Dr Colin Vincent (STFC) Dr Guy Perrin (CNRS) Dr Ronald Stark (NWO)


Dr Colin Vincent (colin.vincent @ Dr Ronald Stark (

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