Symposium S11  26-27 June 2019

Protoplanetary disks: the birth places of planets

Aims and scope

High angular resolution observations of protoplanetary disks (e.g., with ALMA or VLT/SPHERE) have opened a new door toward understanding the physical processes taking place therein, with implications both on our understanding of planet formation, disk winds, jets, and outflows, and accretion in young stars. First images have revealed disk substructures such as annuli, gaps, snow lines, density waves, etc. With this symposium we aim to present the latest results on protoplanetary disks, their formation, evolution, and properties, in particular linked to planet formation, obtained with top ground and space facilities, and compare them with numerical simulations. The symposium will eventually touch upon the novelties expected with future facilities, such as JWST, ELT, and SPICA.

Image NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle/SSC


We foresee the following list of topics to be addressed:

  • From cores to disks, the initial phases
  • Disk structure and substructures, composition and chemical processing
  • Accretion, infall, disk winds, outflows, and jets, incl magnetic fields
  • Disk evolution, from protostellar disks to debris disks, via transitional disks
  • Planet formation (grain growth, planet-disk interactions)
  • Upcoming facilities and future science goals in protoplanetary disks

Invited speakers

Current list of invited speakers:

  • Jaime Pineda (MPE)
  • Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ ALMA)
  • Xuening Bai (Tsinghua University)
  • Til Birnstiel (LMU Munich)
  • Marco Tazzari (University of Cambridge)
  • Maria N. Drozdovskaya (University of Bern)
  • Inga Kamp (University of Groningen)

Scientific organisers

Marc Audard (Univ. of Geneva), Pter Ábrahm (Konkoly Observatory), Phil Armitage (Stony Brook Univ/Flatiron Institute), Lucas Cieza (Univ. Diego Portales), Ilsedore Cleeves (Univ. of Virginia), Davide Fedele (Arcetri Obs), Manuel Gdel (Univ. of Vienna), Willy Kley (Univ. of Tbingen), Ágnes Kspl (Konkoly Observatory), Stefan Kraus (Exeter Univ), Hauyu Liu (ASIAA), Christoph Mordasini (Univ. of Bern), Hideko Nomura (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takashi Onaka (Univ. of Tokyo), Laura Perez (Univ of Chile), Dary Ruiz-Rodriguez (Rochester Inst. of Technology), Judit Szulgyi (Univ. of Zurich), Leonardo Testi (ESO), Eduard Vorobyov (Univ. of Vienna)


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