Symposium S14  24-25 June 2019

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Aims and scope

Deep fields are central to our knowledge of galaxy formation and evolution at intermediate and high redshifts. In parallel to multi-band imaging deep fields, spectroscopic deep fields give access to physical information which is not available with broad-band photometry.

There has been significant advances in both deep extragalactic imaging and spectroscopic surveys, including notable work led from Europe, in particular with multi-object and IFU surveys, at VST, VISTA and VLT (e.g. zCOSMOS, VUDS, VANDELS and MUSE), as well as ALMA deep fields and other international facilities. In the next few years JWST, Euclid and LSST will perform imaging and spectroscopic surveys.

The goal of this symposium is to gather the community exploiting deep mulitwavelength spectroscopic and imaging surveys, review the on-going and future projects, present the main scientific results and discuss the methodological challenges often associated with these projects.


  • Galaxy evolution/LSS surveys (z<1)
  • Galaxy formation surveys (z>>1)
  • Gas surveys
  • Imaging surveys: DM, clustering, AGN
  • Methodological challenges
  • Future surveys

Invited speakers

  • Roberto Decarli (INAF/Bologna)
  • Bianca Garilli (INAF/Milano)
  • Margherita Talia (UniBo/Bologna)
  • Arjen van der Wel (Ghent)
  • Emily Wisnioski (MPE)
  • Lutz Wisotzki (AIP)

Scientific organisers

  • Roland Bacon (CRAL, Chair)
  • Roberto Decarli (INAF/Bologna)
  • Pascale Hibon (ESO)
  • Mathilde Jauzac (Durham/MPE)
  • Laura Pentericci (INAF/Roma)
  • Ian Smail (Durham)
  • Laurence Tresse (CRAL)
  • Joel Vernet (ESO)


Roland Bacon: roland.bacon @

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