Special Session SS16  24 June 2019

The physics of accretion columns: young stellar objects and cataclysmic variables

News: Asbtract submission for e-posters is open on the EWASS website! The dead-line is March 3, 2019.

Aims and scope

We intend to bring together modelers, observers, and experimental physicists to confront our understanding of the physics of magnetic accretion columns that govern the properties and evolution of young stellar objects and cataclysmic variables. We will discuss the various approaches undertaken to evaluate how accretion columns impact the star, its atmosphere (chromosphere, corona), and surroundings (e.g. circumstellar disks, winds, and jets), and what are the observational diagnostics to be expected from X-ray to near-IR wavelengths. The main goal is to foster discussions between two communities who rarely meet and work separately on young stellar objects and cataclysmic variables. It is also an opportunity to consolidate a dialog between observers, theoreticians and laboratory physicists, in order to develop a more comprehensive view of the physics of accretion columns. Indeed, the community of European researchers has been particularly active in this field, as witnessed by a number of nationally- and internationally-funded projects on these topics (e.g. ANR StarShock, ERC AdG SPIDI, etc.).


  • There will be 8 invited presentations (see below), 15+5 min each + 1 hour discussion.
  • In addition, a flash session will be organized, lasting for about 30 min, where the participants are welcome to give a 2- slide presentation of their e-posters.

Invited speakers

  • Silvia Alencar (UFMG, Brazil): Magnetospheric accretion models and observatons in YSOs
  • Solen Balman (METU, Turkey): Observational aspect of CVs with disc truncations based on X-ray observations of CVs
  • Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud (CEA, France): Observational aspect of columns in highly magnetised CVs and QPOs
  • Clotilde Busschaert (CEA, France): Theoretical aspect of radiation hydrodynamics in high magnetized columns
  • Jorge Filipe Gameiro (Univ. Porto, Portugal): Observations and simulations of the star-disk interaction process in YSOs
  • Salvatore Orlando (INAF-Palermo, Italy): Accretion shock models and laboratory experiments for YSOs
  • Christian Schneider (Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany): X-ray and UV accretion tracers in YSOs
  • Valery Suleimanov (Univ. Tubingen, Germany): Observational vs theoretical aspects of the effects of magnetospheric interaction from hard X-ray emitting magnetic CVs

Scientific organisers

Costanza Argiroffi, Jerome Bouvier (co-chair), Veronique Cayatte, Domitilla De Martino, Catherine Dougados, Emeric Falize (co-chair), Chantal Stehle


Jerome.Bouvier @ univ-grenoble-alpes.fr, emeric.m.falize @ gmail.com

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