Special Session SS17  28 June 2019

Key ingredients in massive star evolution

Aims and scope

Massive stars are important cosmic engines: through their evolutionary cycle they produce ionizing radiation, affect galaxy evolution, define the state of the ISM, and regulate star and cluster formation. In order to improve our understanding of massive-star evolution and make it a reliable tool applicable across Astrophysics, we need to assess our knowledge of its key ingredients.

In the special section KEY INGREDIENTS IN MASSIVE STAR EVOLUTION, we bring together senior & young scientists from both observation & theory.

During the sessions we will focus on the most important parameters of stellar evolution, with the specific goal to outline the pathways needed to improve stellar evolution models.

Oral & poster contributions will be acceptable in the following 3 areas:

(1) Massive star evolution models

Invited talk: Marco Limongi

(2) Parameters that govern the evolution during the OB, LBV, RSG, and WR phases

Invited talk: Norberto Castro

(3) The key ingredients: mass, metallicity, rotation, binarity, and mass loss

Invited talk: Alceste Bonanos


Invited speakers

Scientific organisers

Lida Oskinova (co-chair), Jorick Vink (co-chair), Fabrice Martins, Jose Groh


Jorick.Vink @ armagh.ac.uk

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